Pros and Cons of Online Gaming

    Online gaming is playing games through internet. Online gaming has millions of users worldwide which are virtually connected. Online gaming is now getting equal privilege as compared to other outdoor games. There are various kind of online games available on the internet. The most common games played nowdays are Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (Pubg) , Call Of Duty (COD), various Casino games, Clash Of Clans, Mini Militia, Free Fire and many other. Online gaming can be done from mobile phones, PC’s and consoles. Online games have different formats like racing games, fighting games, casino games and many other formats, which can be played in Solo mode, Duo or in Squad. Online casinos also offer amazing promo codes to the new players; one of such promo code is Hollywood casino online promo code. These promo codes have made online casino gaming more exiting and interesting. The online gaming is popular at all ages. Children’s are heavy users of car or racing games. Young men are the heaviest users of casino games, war/fighting games and older women top the use of single player games. Yet many games are set up to be played with family and friends sitting in the same room, while some games are designed to played with friends or family separated by distance.

    Online gaming is a billion dollar industry. The last year revenue of online gaming is 19 billion dollars. And the country leading this revenue is China. The online gamers are competing with one another on various platforms called Electronic Sports League (ESL), in which players compete with one another from all around the globe. From these online gaming platforms the gamers are getting money and fame. Gamers do livestream of their gameplay or make videos and post it on social networking sites or on youtube and earn good amount of money.


    1.   Online gaming is full of fun and entertainment.
    2. Develops our leadership skills.
    3. Develops our complex problem solving skills.
    4. Improves our ability to deal better with unexpected consequences.
    5. Gives us opportunity to make new friends from all around the world.
    6.   Improves social interaction capacity.
    7. Promotes association.
    8. Boost self reliance.


    1. As it is said excess of everything is bad, same is the case with online gaming if played excessively it can lead to addiction.
    2. Shortage of time for other activities like outdoor games and physical exercises.
    3. Less physical interaction with family and friends.
    4. Detrimental influence on health.
    5. Incurs eyesight.

    Online gaming should be done within a certain limits because the high speed internet and easy availability can cause harm. By keeping these risks of online gaming in mind you can have a positive gaming experience rather than getting exhausted.


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