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    Twitch is an incredibly diverse platform. Since the streaming service started in earnest back in 2011, it’s attracted all manner of content creators. From gamers to model builders, hitchhikers to IRL streamers, Twitch is home to a wide range of different people from different backgrounds. We’re big fans of Twitch, and we spend countless hours watching our favorite content creators do their thing. Here are just some of our favorite streamers on Twitch. These aren’t in any particular order!


    Hate scammers? Want revenge? If the answer to these questions are ‘yes’, then you’ll probably enjoy what Kitboga has to offer through his live Twitch shows. Kitboga’s ultimate mission is to raise awareness of how scammers operate. However, it’s the clever techniques that he uses which make each show so interesting, from coding his own fake bank account to creating his own characters via a voice changer (Edna), it’s truly unique and often hilarious. Don’t expect too much gaming from Kitboga, the real entertainment value here is watching scammers get furious when they realize they were played at their own game.


    Finally, a bone for the non-gaming Twitch enthusiasts. Hitch is an endearing fellow who livestreams his attempts to hitchhike around the world on Twitch. He’s a friendly, engaging host who’s always somewhere different depending on when you start watching. His real name is Travis, and when he’s not hitching, he’s divulging some of his thoughts about the people he’s meeting and the places he’s visiting. If you’re not into gaming, this is where you should start.

    Riot Games

    The developer of popular MOBA League of Legends has an amazing presence on Twitch. From streaming and hosting esports games to champion rundowns and explanations of patch notes, the folks who stream on Riot Games’ channel are engaging, earnest, and funny. We think Riot gets unfair stick for trying their best with a game that may be fundamentally impossible to balance, so we think you should check out their channel to learn a little more about them and get under their skin.


    On Asmongold’s excellent Twitter feed, he describes himself as a “professional neckbeard”. This endearingly self-deprecating description is pretty indicative of his Twitch persona as a whole. Asmongold, whose real name is Zack, makes a living streaming World of Warcraft, and his infectious enthusiasm for the game is matched only by his veneer of world-weary cynicism. If you’re a WoW fan, Asmongold’s is a stream you should definitely check out.


    It’s official: Tfue is now the most followed active streamer on Twitch. After popular streamer Ninja left Twitch for rival Microsoft service Mixer, Tfue overtook shroud to take the crown with over 6.9 million followers. Tfue’s stream is decidedly more professional than others; it’s dedicated largely to esports plays and more hardcore content. Still, it’s well worth checking out for some gaming masterclasses, and he’s still a fun guy when he’s in the zone.


    We’re dropping some recognition here for a slightly less well-known streamer. Huzzy is a Twitch Partner and an official League of Legends Partner, but his stream isn’t too well-known outside of the LoL community. That’s for a good reason; Huzzy has frequently said in his streams that he’s not interested in courting the clickbait crowd and wants instead to create straightforward, informative, and educational LoL content. If you’re into the game, he’s one of the best streamers around.


    Although sodapoppin (real name Chance Morris) is perhaps best known as a gaming streamer, he also creates some pretty fun comedy content. He’s also infamous for his 2014-2015 gambling livestream during which he lost (and won, to be fair) a huge amount of money live on a series of casino websites. He’s got around 2.5 million followers, which places him in the upper echelons of Twitch streamers in terms of audience distribution.


    Another non-gaming Twitch channel (although DeadFlip does occasionally stream games like World of Warcraft Classic), this one’s all about pinball. The guy who runs the channel is named Jack, and he’s an insightful and companionable person no matter whether he’s presenting or just hanging out with his friends. DeadFlip is one of those “oddly relaxing” channels; you might not get anything out of it in terms of strategy, but you’re sure to feel more chilled out after you watch.


    Speaking of oddly relaxing channels…cnotbusch is a Twitch streamer who creates miniatures. He’s often collaborating with other streamers in order to do so, and while the sessions are nominally all about miniature creation, they’re actually centered on two people having fun and chatting with one another. The creation process is fascinating, and a lot of the time the streams just focus on cnotbusch and his family taking trips and chatting about their experiences.


    We’re back to the gaming Twitch channels now. Jaryd Lazar, better known by his Twitch handle summit1g, is a retired competitive CS:GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) player who now streams a number of different games. He’s played Grand Theft Auto V, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and Sea of Thieves, among other things. Again, his channel is focused around the art of gaming and the fun things that can happen during emergent moments in gameplay.


    Last but not least, dakotaz is an example of how you can still maintain a loyal Twitch following even if you don’t stream for a huge amount of time. While around 50 hours a week may not sound like it’s relaxed, dakotaz is streaming for far less time than his biggest rivals, but he’s still sponsored by a number of different brands and enjoys a whopping 2.9 million followers. He’s great fun, so if you’re into your gaming it’s well worth checking out his channel.


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