In Which Countries are Slots Banned?

    Gambling slots are available in countries like the UK, France, Germany, and Spain. It’s a leisure activity and used as a relaxant and sometimes also as an investment opportunity. However, based on political and religious aspects, it’s unlawful and prohibited to access any form of gambling, including slot machines in some countries.

    One interesting fact, in this regard, is that the availability of slots like Stacked Fire 7s is directly proportional to the existence of rich people in a specific country who use gambling slots as leisure, just like any other game or fun activity. So there’s a better chance of legality of slot machines in rich countries than in countries dealing with their economic issues.

    Historical Overview

    Historically slots were banned in various countries for centuries. However, banning it only increased the game’s popularity. Now, some countries are taking steps to legalize gambling activities to some extent. In comparison, other countries are still hesitant as in some societies; it goes against the socio-cultural norms of a specific religious or ethnic group.

    For example, In Muslim countries, gambling is religiously banned and prohibited and; therefore, it is hard for the governments to legalize gambling activities such as slot machines.

    Countries Where Slots are Banned

    Based on these facts, here are a few countries where slot machines are banned:

    Middle East

    Gambling activities, including slot machines, are illegal and unlawful to take part in Muslim majority nations. Islam strictly prohibits a person from indulging in a gambling activity of any sort. These countries include Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Arab Countries, and Pakistan.

    Gambling in these countries is a punishable offense by law and is strictly banned. Therefore, if you are residing in any one of those countries or on vacation or traveling in those parts of the world, think twice before taking part in any such activities, bearing in mind the harsh outcomes that you might have to face in this regard.

    Central Asia

    Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan are also Muslim Majority nations, but they have decided not to let go of all of the perks and revenues associated with the gambling industry. So they have decided to open casinos in particular zones, and gambling slots are available in those specific zones.

    Besides, online gambling is restricted but not penalized, so you can say it is legal to play a slot in central Asian countries. These countries are the only exception in the muslin majority countries where gambling is not entirely banned.


    Slots are legally banned in Japan, but you can find a big shadow gambling market in the country. However this underground market is only accessible to the wealthiest elite of the country. However, due to popularity and demand for slot machines, Japanese lawmakers are now in the process and considering lifting a ban from slot machines and other forms of gambling.

    North Korea and Magnolia

    Online Slots are prohibited in North Korea and Magnolia. Still, a well-established gambling market is flourishing in border areas of these countries, which are operating legally as specialized gambling zones.

    Latin American Countries

    Most Latin American countries have banned gambling legally, and no there is no rush to legalize gambling in that part of the world. Gambling was lawful and legal in Brazil till 1946, when it was declared unlawful and wholly prohibited. Ecuador enforced a ban on gambling in 2011, and since all sorts of gambling activities (including slots) are banned and restricted.


    Most African countries have banned gambling and are in no rush to legalize it. With exceptions, only two countries where you can go to casinos are South Africa and Egypt. Apart from these two countries, gambling and especially slot machines are banned altogether.


    You might be astonished to see Europe on this list; yes, gambling is legal in Europe under the license from the government. Governments in the European states directly oversee gambling businesses. But running a slot site without a valid claim is strictly prohibited and banned in Europe. Besides, there are few European countries where gambling is banned altogether.

    Therefore, Europe is a tricky place to play a slot machine as you never know if you are indulging in unauthorized activity or not. So when you go searching for a slot site in Europe, ensure to check the license of the gambling facility before putting your hard-earned money on the line.


    So the outcome from the above-mentioned information is that the countries with a more robust economy and high GDP and per capita income have legalized online and land-based slots because these activities bring in a lot of tourism and revenue. At the same time, countries with stronger religious beliefs and roots, such as Muslim countries, have entirely banned gambling businesses.


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