How to Win Big Playing Online Slots in 2020

Despite what some people may have told you, making a profit with online casino gaming is not only possible, but well within reach of the average player, even without any prior experience. With the right approach, you can go from a complete online slot novice to being able to make a steady and consistent profit, but you will need to change certain aspects of your approach. The biggest and most obvious differences between amateur players and “pros” – that doesn’t just mean career gamblers, but also those who take slots a little more seriously – are numerous, but you’ll need to bear them in mind if you want to make a profit. Here’s how you can win big playing online slots in 2020.

Brush up on your knowledge

The best thing about online slots for many players is that they’re far less labyrinthine than other casino games. You don’t need to have a university degree in online slots to understand what’s going on; simply pull the lever and hope for one of the many bonus conditions to pay out for you. That said, you do need to go into a slot game with an understanding of the slot you’re playing. Do your research before you play and understand what the payout conditions are, how many paylines the slot has, whether there are wild symbols to look out for, and more. By knowing what you’re getting into, you’ll prepare yourself that much more for a profitable venture.

Pick the right place to play

Where you’re actually playing your online slot games is just as important as the games themselves. While good casino platforms will offer a wide range of popular games, truly great gaming portals have massive variety and a user-friendly, calming layout to help you get into the groove, so to speak. If you’re looking for somewhere to start your slot gaming journey, why not check out some online slots on It’s a site with everything you need to start out playing slots, serving as the perfect home for you to start raking in some cash. Remember: always be on the lookout for sites with reputable security credentials, professional layouts, and a wide variety of games to choose from.

Set up a bankroll

Good profit management is almost entirely dependent on how much money you start with and how much you’re willing to wager. Great bankroll management is one of the key differences between true professionals and rank amateurs. Before you start playing online slots, ask yourself exactly how much you want to allocate to your gambling endeavors. Setting an upper limit will help you understand where your own financial limitations are. The same goes for each individual bet; don’t ever drop a huge amount on a “sure thing”, because even if you’re the most skilled slots player around, there’s no such thing as a “sure thing”.

Know your developers

Just like in the world of video games, which software company is developing the slot machine you’re playing has a huge impact on what kind of game it is and what kind of paylines you can expect. The two biggest slot developers in the world right now are Microgaming and NetEnt, so seeing those names on a slot is pretty much a guaranteed stamp of quality. That’s not to say there aren’t other equally excellent slot developers out there, but do be sure that the slot you’re playing has a good reputation and that its developer is scrupulous. The last thing you want is to fall foul of an inadequately-researched slot developer that turns out to be a bad proposition.

Break winning and losing streaks

In poker – and in many competitive online video games – there is a phenomenon known as “tilt”. Effectively, tilt is the state into which you fall when you’re angry or irritated at a game not going the way you want it to. Despite what you may think in the moment, tilt can lead you to make truly abysmal decisions, and the last thing you want as an online slots player is to make bad decisions with real money. That’s why, if you find yourself at the end of a particularly bad losing streak (or good winning streak), you should step away. Heightened emotions can prompt you to make decisions that aren’t necessarily in your best interest, so always make sure you’re playing with a calm, cool head.

Try lots of different slots

Although you may find that you like a particular slot game more than others, that shouldn’t stop you from trying lots of different options. There are literally hundreds upon thousands of slots out there, all of them vying for your attention and hard-earned cash. With that in mind, it definitely behooves you to try and find the best and most appropriate slot for your particular style. Slots with lots of paylines may suit safer gamblers, for example, while those with fewer paylines but better payout rates could be better options for those who like to take a walk on the wild side from time to time. Know your gambling profile and choose your slots accordingly.

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