How To Remain Focused When Gaming

    The world of online gaming is a competitive field in this modern age, and there can be very little between the very best. With that comes the need for increased concentration and stamina when playing. This is the same at the very highest level in the eSports competitions, as it is for the average gamer that is just looking to beat their friends. The same principle applies, we are the best at a game when we are less focused on other things going on around you.

    But, with this current age of limited attention spans and the constant need to check our social media pages every 15 minutes, how can we remain focused in the game we are playing?


    The best way to remain focused for the big matches or rounds on your game is to do meditation throughout the day. This will help refocus your brain, and also recharge your batteries for a while. You should do this in complete silence, and just focus on your breathing. This method has been around for generations, and that’s because it actually works. It is now most commonly used in yoga, which also brings with it a wide range of health benefits that could be influential in gaming performance. Meditation often brings with it a negative tone from people that have never tried it, but you should.

    Only when you have tried it can you distinguish if it’s for you or not. You could notice immediate improvements in the games you’re playing. As well as this, meditation also decreases blood pressure, lowers cholesterol and also improves the quality of your sleeping. It ensures that your oxygen is used more efficiently around your body and in general, just makes you feel a thousand times better.

    Make Time for Exercise

    Of course, gaming is important, and it may seem strange to recommend doing something away from your computer or console. But, gamers should always have time to relax away from the screen. The best way to do this is by doing some exercise. That doesn’t mean you have to go to the gym for three hours every day, but even a light walk around your house would suffice. It would be even better if you went outdoors and got fresh air into your lungs.

    Just this minimal amount of exercise would produce endorphins to stave off the threat of fatigue and depression; two factors that could see a lower standard of performance in gaming. It would also be wise to get into a routine and to get blood around your body pre, during and after each game too. This would be easy when playing a game such as FIFA. For instance, before the game, while it’s loading, you can stand up and just do a few squats. You can do the same at half time, and then when the match is ended, you could just have a walk around the house before playing the next match. It may sound simple, but the effects should you do this consistently would be remarkable. Another fun way to do this would be set your task of seeing how many press-ups or sit-ups you can do while the game loads. This would be an interesting way of pushing yourself, while also added in an element of competition that as a gamer, you would thrive on.

    Small Amounts of Caffeine

    Should you feel yourself becoming jaded and fading during games, then it is safe to have a little bit of coffee to boost these levels up. Of course, that doesn’t mean that during a six-hour game binge you should be having a coffee an hour; just one when you feel like you actually need it. The health risks of having too much coffee, especially throughout the evening, could be damaging. If you have one coffee but that doesn’t work then trying drinking water instead. This will refresh your brain and make you feel better prepared for the next round of games. It may not have as many immediate benefits as coffee, but the long-term you would be very grateful for doing it, especially when you are trying to sleep after a long night of gaming.

    Take Breaks

    It’s always important to have time away from the console. If you have been playing for an extended period of time, then it could be time for a break for a few hours. You could just sit down and play slots, or meet up with friends or head out for a meal. Just something to give your brain the chance to recharge before playing games again. This could be vital in your performance levels and could be the difference between excelling in the next game you play. Not only will your brain feel better since it’s recovered, but in general you will feel much better, and feel like you’re ready to start competing again.

    No Distractions

    When you’re playing on a game, you mustn’t be distracted by things around you. This could include your phone, other people or another laptop or iPad. If you want to be as focused as popular then you should put your phone on silent and out of sight, so you don’t become interested should it suddenly pop up. Also, if you have friends with you or somebody talking to you, then your performance would immediately drop since you’re preoccupied with talking to them about something else. The performance will drop as you are multi-tasking on two things, and your brain will be going into overdrive.

    Most people also like to listen to the radio or music or have a television show on in the background. This is also a massive distraction and would see your performance levels drop. Your brain will be thinking about what is going on in the TV show, radio show or song so much that it will instinctively see your gaming chances lowered.

    The performance levels of gamers can be important, but should you follow these simple tips; then there is no reason why you won’t see an improvement when it comes to playing your favourite games.


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