How to find the right price for an elo boost on League of Legends

At any given time during the LoL season, an elo boost could help a player in increasing is ranking. This is a known strategy that players are using for a long time already, if not since the game exists.
Their aim is to obtain a certain division without doing it only by themselves. However, they might not be aware of the appropriate price so they can be fooled. Here is a method to not let it happen.

Compare websites

When someone looks for a cheap boosting service in League of Legends, he actually needs to take comparison between almost dozens of services if he has the intention to get an elo boost at a low price so he doesn’t spend too much money for it.

The cost of each divisions and tiers are obviously different and can be expensive for the higher divisions. As an example, consider not buying a Gold division for more than 40 euros if the booster does it by himself.
However, keep in mind that a duo boost cost 50% additional on average, so you could be amazed by the total price. The reason for this is because in Duo queue boost, the matchmaking is harder and the booster can’t play in duo with another booster to have an higher win rate since he’s already duoing with you. He also has to wait for you before starting a game so he can’t play when he wants like he would do in Soloboosts, this is why they charge more for this service.

Verify the quality

Take a look at the professionalism of the provider as well. First, you need to bring together information about the players experience who are boosting and if they are skilled enough to carry you to the tier you desired. So try to see their profile and their real rank to know if they are able to do it.

Secondly, try to know how the service is working from the start to finish of your boost. You have to know when you can expect the delivery and if you receive an email when it’s completed. Make sure the booster is using a VPN in your location and play with the champions and role you specified.

Finally, an expensive boost doesn’t mean a quality one because the total price is divided between the website and the players (the players could earn less even if the price is high). As you can imagine, the best players take care of the boost if they know they get a better reward once they complete it.

Buying a lol elo boost is not something to take lightly. Researching everything related to it is essential before selecting a provider and to know if the price you are paying for is correct or not.


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