How Technology is Changing the Sports Betting World

    From gaming and sports to general entertainment, a lot has changed. Today, technology plays a major role in different industries. The sports betting industry is not an exception. In all honesty, it has been a major player.

    With the advancements of digital possibilities, the performance and training of athletes have improved. This change also opens fans to diverse ways of viewing their sporting events.

    The betting industry continues to grow. Thanks to the progress we keep experiencing in technology, placing bets has become better and easier than before. Aside from quicker ways to stake, other changes that technology brings to the sports betting industry include instant payouts.

    Players no longer need to constantly visit their sportsbooks of choice as almost everything is automated. They can also place in-play bets with live streams.

    Read on to discover the advancements technology has brought to the sports betting world.

    Mobile betting

    Running a sports betting business today could seem expensive. One fact was the push for legalization.

    With the use of mobile technology, it is even easier to regulate the industry. A smartphone or tablet can be used for placing bets, loading betting wallets, accessing instant payouts, and many other functions.

    Pundits now have access to a wide range of sports betting platforms at the comfort of their mobile device. Mobile betting offers users real-time and more personalized gambling. Online bookies also provide more personalized promos and bonuses. Players can get some with their mobile device at

    HTML5 technology

    The HTML5 coding language has a major impact and influence on the massive rise of mobile betting. For many years, most bookmakers had native applications for Android and iOS systems. These were expensive tools and needed more development to enhance support and deliver the very best.

    Applications for the likes of BlackBerry and Windows Phone were rarely available since they were very expensive to build. But what was experienced back then isn’t close to the ideal we have today.

    Thanks to HTML5 (which is an optimized version of the popular HTML language that all websites are based on), it is easier for bookies to create all-round solutions for all mobile devices, without the need to download and install more software.

    A user only needs to open a bookmaker’s website from their mobile device, and everything else follows according to the website’s user-friendliness. With this HTML5 innovation, the mobile betting niche now offers access quicker than ever seen, so feel free to access the sport-based (and other) games that are best for your phone and PC.

    In-play betting and live streaming

    The introduction of live betting to the mainstream is another technological breakthrough in the sports betting industry. It has become one of the biggest innovations so far.

    Thanks to some AI algorithms, you can use in-play bets with live streaming as the algorithms update different statistics in real-time, and with quick servers and data transfers. These ensure that information reaches the user while constantly being refreshed. Plus, the algorithms are expected to get better with time.

    This innovation allows many betting sites to offer plenty of in-play events for players to enjoy a whole new experience, creating options for players to choose from.

    The live streaming betting model is widely used by pundits across the world. One can watch a live match on a bookmaker’s website and at the same time, cash out on the event(s) with in-play bets.

    What’s more with this innovative technology? Almost all sports betting sites offer in-play betting as they are perfect for obscure sports and events which won’t have extensive coverage on major media.

    (Like to learn more about in-play betting? Some resourceful guides here and here.)

    Evidently, the transformation technology is making to the sports betting industry is tremendous. More innovations are coming. For example, the widespread use of Virtual Reality will soon storm the sector.


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