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    Gun Mayhem, published by Armor Games, is a high-octane arena shooter that can be played by up to four players. For a tiny game like this, the title is surprisingly fast paced and fluid. You can go up against AI controlled enemies or you can pit your abilities against your friends. The unique thing about the game is that you don’t even need any multiplayer aspect to play multiplayer against human or AI enemies. Everyone can share the same screen via the same keyboard and due to the simplicity of the controls and the level design, it goes as seamlessly as possible. AS I mentioned, the game starts fast and since the playground is 2D and is rather confined, the sets happen lighting fast. So we suggest some tutorials before fully engaging the game.

    The play features several modes that increase its replay value and entertainment stock. Its platform feeling does not help you to survive so there is not much room to strategize. Just start the round and unleash the bursts as fast you can. As you may guess, the graphics are not really top of the line but the artwork is not bad at all, it is just different.

    Overall this game seems to be a nice mesh of a shooter and a platformer. I am quite sure that this game will make your time a while with your friends, who do not back off from little competition. If you really consider this title as a party play game, you may stick with it for a while.

    Gun Mayhem 2: More Mayhem is a follow of the small cute but fast-paced Gun Mayhem 2  is here. While this game is quite similar to the previous game, the premise and the aim is already apparent in the title. Practically, this game is more of the same and that is not a bad thing. Why do you want to fix something that is not broken right?

    GM2 comes with little improvements. The game play is the same, the signature physics based recoil effect and the timing aspects are also there as well. What changed here is the size of the arsenal. Once again, there are imagined weapons of the real world counterparts (such as the Sand Hawk (yeah, you guessed right). The library shows them all to you and you can test them on a dummy.

    The controls remained essentially the same but if you play for a while, a subtle difference in the control responses becomes more apparent. The graphics are more colorful now and you will notice the depth of the palette this time. It is just vivid.

    In addition to the increased number of modes that you can have fun with, there is another mode called Challenges. It is more like the tutorials, where you try to bust the previous best of your efforts, much akin to Grand Tourismo license tests.

    In the end, this title is right on spot, More Mayhem. If you liked the first game, this game will make you feel home.


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