Gambling bans in India: Basic information on individual states

    Which states allow gambling at India online casinos with real money and which prohibit it? Check out our site for basic information about this by specific states.

    Where And What Is Not Allowed To Play In India?

    Gambling is popular in India. Analysts believe that the country’s gambling market is growing at a huge rate. But how legal is gambling? It all depends on the particular state. The fact is that gambling is regulated by a law adopted in 1867. Accordingly, there is no data on online casinos in it. What is not prohibited is allowed. But some states have already made amendments, so when looking for top online casinos in india, pay attention to the legality of gambling activities.

    Types of Games According to the Law

    Within India, gaming is divided into four types. And while some states have a total ban on their organisation and participation, others allow all entertainment or specific variants of the ones in question. A full description of the types of games is given in the table below.

    Games Casino slots, poker, bingo
    Bets for money Betting on sports/racing or fantasy games
    Lottery Buying tickets with the protective cover removed
    Social/Skills Social games that do not offer cash rewards for participating. Fun games of skill without the element of chance

    When betting, you have to take into account the game options you choose. If you spin the reels, one legal provision applies. If you are betting on sporting events, another clause comes into effect. In order to exclude violations, it is necessary to get acquainted with all the nuances of Indian law.

    Casino Games

    Casino entertainment (slots, card tables, roulette) is classified as a game of chance. Accordingly, they are banned in most states. But there are some exceptions:

    • Goa law allows electronic entertainment and slot machines in five-star hotels. Establishments have to obtain the relevant license to do so. The amendment applies to Goa, Daman and Diu. Gaming is also allowed on board licensed sea liners;
    • In Sikkim, a law on real money entertainment was adopted in 2007. It is allowed here to host and offer games in five-star hotels. Online poker and roulette are also available in the state;
    • Meghalaya passed a law in 2021 that opens up access to licensed gambling. In the state, it is possible to bet in both land-based establishments and virtual halls using a computer or mobile devices.

    If you decide to find India online casinos with real money, do some research on the legislation. This will allow you to avoid mistakes and play where there are no bans. In this case, the best online casinos for india will not bring you problems, and the entertainment will be accompanied by large payouts.

    A Few Words about Poker

    In some states, poker is recognised as a game of skill. These are West Bengal, Nagaland and Meghalaya. Here, there is no provision for prosecution of organisers and gamblers by the police. However, in the states of Gujarat, Tennessee, Tamil Nadu, poker is considered a game of chance and is banned. This is why you need to keep a close eye on the legislation. But if you want to know more about the card game, go to

    Bets for Money

    If betting is done on slot machines, poker and other entertainment, it is illegal in most states. When predicting the outcome of horse racing or sporting events, another provision of the law comes into play. Betting is recognised as a game of skill and is therefore allowed. But clubs may be subject to additional requirements.

    If online betting on horse racing is considered, it is permitted in the states of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Telangana, West Bengal. The government has gone along with the people and amended the law. If you are interested in more details about horse racing and betting, go to


    Only a few types of private lotteries are allowed by law. They must be licensed. The state government may designate a particular company or individual as the organiser of the lottery. Entertainment is not allowed in all regions. In Madhya Pradesh and Bihar, for example, lottery is completely banned.

    Social Games

    There are no regulators for games that do not involve betting for money. They are available in all regions. However, other laws are possible, depending on the content of the entertainment. For example, provisions on copyright, information technology, etc. may come into effect.

    Agility games are an exception to the general legislation. It doesn’t matter where they are played. You can activate the games in the best payout online casinos india or try your luck in land-based institutions. Organizers have to be licensed to offer entertainment in the states of Sikkim, Meghalaya, Nagaland. In the Telangana, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh regions, games of skill are prohibited. Be aware of all the nuances to avoid getting into an unpleasant situation.

    India’s Gambling Market Turnover: Analysts’ Forecasts

    Despite legal prohibitions in some states, analysts predict rapid growth of the gambling industry in India. They expect local turnover to double by 2025. The bulk of users will play slots and other entertainment through mobile devices. It is convenient, easy and practical.

    If the first place in popularity is occupied by casual games, the gambling direction will confidently take the second place in terms of profitability. The revenue will be distributed as follows:

    • card games or slot machines in online casinos will bring in about $830 million;
    • fantasy sports will be slightly less profitable. It will bring in $730 million;
    • cyber sports betting will close the chart. They will bring in only $77 million.

    Although the figures are increasing, the solvency of players will remain low. At the moment, gamblers are not willing to spend more than $10 of their own money each month. If we look at the average player’s spending globally, it is around $140. In general, the growth of the industry is directly linked to the development of digital infrastructure and the spread of electronic payments.




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