Curacao eGaming Complaint: How to File in a Right Way 

    The online gambling industry features a number of licensing authorities. What these authorities are subjected to is to examine and to evaluate applicants and issue licenses to these companies. This license is a nod for these companies to start operating legally. This legalization process requires the applicant company to meet some standards and legal requirements.  

    Curacao eGaming is considered as one of the most renowned and reliable licensing authorities with establishments scattered all over the world holding a license by Curacao eGaming. Curacao eGaming is one of the oldest licensing bodies in the real money online gambling industry. Their business model is highlighted by the cost-effectiveness since it is regarded as the cheapest fee imposing authority, enough to attract customers. Moreover, the licensees can opt for a master license, which enables them the right to issue sublicenses to their sub ventures. Curacao eGaming simply puts itself out as the quickest and easiest to generate the license. But with the highs come the lows. No one will ever be able to put hands on one such operator that comes without its own set of flaws. What the focus should be on is to find one that serves the necessities one possesses. Similarly, Curacao eGaming isn’t an exception. But they ensure queries and issues to be addressed through their swift working customer services.  

    Many of the UK punters look for reliable gambling sites that offer great games and promotional bonuses without compromising on security. Plenty of useful information about curacao sports gambling sites you can find on, but the most important features are security, international support, high-quality software provides, and umpteen gambling options for all players. Therefore, the curacao betting sites provide just the perfect place to get all of it started.

    Cases when Complaint can be Created 

    The Curacao eGaming website does not require courtroom documentation, there are no such rules written on stone. One can have the liberty to complain against any dispute he wants to. There is no restriction imposed upon topics that can be complained about. This can be only done by accessing the official website of Curacao eGaming where there are eligibility criteria for filing a complaint. 

    • It has to be made sure that the first attempt was made to resolve the conflicts with the casino operator. One must keep all evidence of the conversation with the casino operator which is essential. People are often asked to present these details, important while resolving issues. 
    • Further, it is important to engage websites that operate solely to resolve these disputes. 
    • If these websites fail to address these issues, then a complaint has to be made against the website to the Curacao eGaming authority official website, only after making sure the previous steps have been taken.  

    Ways to File a Complaint to Curacao eGaming 

    There are several methods to lodge a complaint at the official website of Curacao eGaming.

    Here’s the first method

    1. At first, it requires one to visit the official website of Curacao eGaming. 
    2. Clicking onto ‘contact’, the customer is now able to place a complaint. 
    3. From the two options that can be seen, that is, ‘contact us’ and ‘file a complaint’ it is required for one to choose and click on to ‘file a complaint’ since a real issue exists. 
    4. Next customer needs to fill up a few necessary fields so that authorities can look into it. These fields include your full name, valid email address of the easiest access, a short subject regarding the matter of complaint, the complaint in the descriptive form including casino name involved with a complaint, the first and last name of the person who is complaining, the country of residence to make sure the activities are done from a non-restricted country, the email address with which one logged into the casino website, the username utilized as well as the currency and the amount of money involved in the complaint placed. 
    5. Further one needs to check the ‘I’m not a robot’ box and place the complaint by pressing the ‘file a complaint’ icon. This is important to note that a thank you message signifies the end of the process. Curacao eGaming does not send any confirmation through email. However, their response to complaints is fast. 

    The second method of filing a complaint is via direct email and in that email, it is required to describe every issue related to the complaint and provide evidence just in case of clarification is required. Here, one has to clearly mention the name of the casino website, the first and the last name of the person complaining, the country of residence, the age of the person complaining, the email with which registration has been done to the casino website along with username, and the amount of money along with the currency form in case of issues related to the transaction. 

    Another method of submitting a complaint is to visit the casino website related to the issues and click on the icon of Curacao eGaming at the bottom of the website. After being redirected to the license validator’s website, click on ‘file a complaint’. Then it is necessary to fill up the required credentials which are similar to theones mentioned before and click on ‘send’.  



    While the massive surge in online gambling sites and punters have paved the way for a multi-billion dollar industry, it has also opened doors for various scams and illicit trades. Licensing authorities such as Curacao eGaming make an honest effort to keep a check on such activities while ensuring players transparent and simple gameplay.


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