Can eSports Remain Popular for Gamers Throughout 2021?

    The ever-changing climate of innovation has been consistent in the 21st century, bringing new and better experiences for gamers each year. This holds true for online casinos, particularly in 2020. While from the first quarter of 2020 the coronavirus pandemic caused major leagues across the globe to suspend their seasons, electronic sports (esports) saw a quick resumption. Leagues later focused more on an online format from the inside venue competition, influencing remote operations.

    The Gaming Model

    In 2020, the global gaming market is estimated to be worth 119.6 billion Pounds. With the revenues largely driven by consumer spending, the industry has been seen to significantly evolve over the years. Today, compared to other decades, only a small number of consumers buy games, while the majority spend more time with the games online.

    With more people shifting to online gaming, the industry has been focused on increasing user engagement, a trend that will only get better in 2021. The games are now being tweaked to be more compelling than ever, and the adoption of in-game monetisation is sufficing. Gamers can now enjoy more features, characters, packs and tools, alongside improved gaming hardware, mobile internet and bandwidth.

    Resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, esports is expected to grow in prominence. This is because sports leagues are now turning to other sectors to engage their fans in other ways. Most of these sports are showing on live television, with broadcasters looking to fill their sports content, which was cancelled due to the pandemic. With the gaming industry maturing quickly, esports has become an appealing avenue for advertisers. Brands that have shown interest in esports before have now increased their investments.

    Expected Transformation

    The current spike in gaming can give several takeaways for 2021. For instance, with the high interest in gaming, there could be an accelerated shift towards game delivery on cloud and mobile platforms. Cloud gaming allows players to engage in streamed games, without the demand for expensive hardware.

    In 2021, you can also expect wider monetisation avenues as a result of free-to-play models and subscriptions. Subscriptions will offer an avenue for monetising games that could lack the ability to penetrate the mainstream. Free-to-play games on the other hand, will allow developers to monetise without forcing consumers to purchase the games upfront.

    Also, in the year ahead, partnerships between the gaming and the entertainment industry are expected to increase. More so, the pandemic may normalise esports, thanks to its adoption by broadcasters, athletes and leagues looking for better ways to engage fans. A prolonged shutdown of sports leagues towards and beyond 2021 is expected to drive more people to esports, something that could potentially attract millions of consumers.

    2021 eSports Events

    As evidenced by the growing popularity of esports betting, the sector is expected to record more success in 2021. In the upcoming year, it is expected to look more like the traditional sports sector, one that will attract a large number of sponsors, punters and bookmakers. Many players believe that 2021 will record the highest growth rate in the industry. If you are into gaming, this is a field you should pay close attention to, as you keep an eye on this list of the best betting sites in esports.

    For now, here are just some of the events expected to happen:

    League of Legends World Champion

    This is one of the games that has been around for many years, but is expected to experience a boom in 2021. Following the pandemic, they have created the best tournaments to keep their fans glued, thanks to the rigorous qualification process and different global players. On you can find the calendar and the scores of all esport matches and tournaments.

    Fortnite World Cup

    With an overall price pool of 2.2 million Pounds, this competitive esports league would have made the biggest event of the season, but was unfortunately cancelled following the pandemic. However, given that this is an event that takes place every year, it will feature in 2021. Although the qualifying rounds have not been announced, every gamer is looking forward to it.

    The Overwatch League

    Since it was released in 2016, the Overwatch League has been popular among gamers, and has become a top game in esports. It has excellent colours, characters and graphics, making it extremely enjoyable to watch and bet on. Be ready to enjoy the thrill in bigger and better ways in 2021.

    Rocket League eSports

    For soccer fans, this is a game you want to watch out for in the year ahead. It comes with a gameplay of traditional football and has varying custom layouts for cars. It is a very competitive game that could fetch you great returns, should you bet on the right team.

    DOTA 2

    Since its launch in 2013, DOTA 2 has enjoyed a huge following, and is one of the most established leagues in esports. It has one of the biggest prize pools, something you should look forward to in 2021.


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