Building a Gaming Room

Building a Gaming Room

A study conducted by Electronic Entertainment Design and Research found that approximately 67% or 211 million Americans play video games. It also found that many play games on more than one platform. With the steady rise in the popularity of gaming it is no surprise that people want to create a specialized space within their home dedicated to this activity. Others are creating hybrid gaming-rec rooms to diversify the space. Whichever you are interested in, anyone can add this entertainment  room to their home with a little creativity and determination.

Where To Put It?

If you have an extra room available that you can dedicate gaming, you are one of the lucky ones. Simply select your design and the tech you would like to outfit the space with. However, if like many Americans you do not have a man cave, craft room, or guest room to take over and redesign, look to the space behind your home for the solution. If you have an empty space in your backyard around 8X12, you can have your very own private gaming room. A game shed offers all the function of having a room in your home, with added privacy and a bit of whimsy.

Game Shed To Game Room

There are three main steps to complete to create your game space. First, design your own shed or other space to meet your specific needs. Follow this with adding in the necessary utilities. You can do this by running the power from your home to the shed or outfitting the roof with solar panels. Your internet can then be accessed by expanding your wireless connectivity or run an ethernet cable from the house. Finally, and importantly, add security. You will have some expensive equipment in your shed, so at the very least, add a good lock. The level of security needed is to be assessed based on the security you already have for your home.

Your game shed can be designed to focus on computer or console games or whatever combination you desire. Since you are building the space from the ground up, your imagination is really the limit. It’s up to you to decide how much storage and seating you need. You get to select the type of lighting you like best, and how close you would like the mini fridge to your chair. You are only limited by the size of your backyard when building your own gaming shed.

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