7 Valuable Tips for Using Casino Bonuses

    Casinos will do a lot to keep their customers satisfied, whether that’s a new player bonus or ‘hey, we missed you!’  gentle email with a nice promotion attached. Free spins, additional no-cost bets, cash-back offers, entries into sweepstakes, they’ll be available no matter which casino you pick.

    These offers give you a fantastic opportunity to win some free money. They just need to be utilized in the right way. Mindless bets will always lose, whether you’re using your own cash, or the casinos. Don’t want to walk away with a thin wallet? Consider the following tips.

    Have a Strategy 

    The reason why generous bonuses exist isn’t because they’re ‘rigged’. It’s mainly because people think of cash as free money, something to fritter away without giving it a second thought.

    Instead of being part of the masses who waste their casino bonuses, enter any bet you make with a clear strategy. Combine your real cash investment with the free spins or dollar multiplier, and go from there.

    Think about each bonus payment as your own hard-earned cash. It’s not a freebie that you’ll just give right back to the casino, but a golden opportunity to make some money. Even a simple playbook will lead to significant improvements in your odds.

    Get On That Email List! 

    When a company asks us if it’s okay to get emails with promotions, the natural instinct is to give them a big rejection. Makes sense in most cases. But not when it comes to online casinos.

    If you say no to marketing emails, you’ll miss special offers that are usually sent out on a weekly basis. The best bonuses are usually for new players, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make money as a veteran customer. They want to keep you around, remember?

    Read the Small Print 

    Many of the bonuses that are on offer come with a string or two attached. That usually doesn’t matter too much, as the well-prepared player can still make a bunch of money. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look at the small print.

    For example, some bonuses come with ridiculous wagering requirements, and you should avoid them if you need to put some of your own money down in order to access them. Others will match your bet, but they’ll ask for a decent minimum amount of money.

    The best bonuses are the ‘No Deposit’ kind, which means there’s absolutely no risk. They do exactly what it says on the tin: you don’t have to deposit any money, get your bonus, and start playing for free.

    Compare Casinos 

    The casino industry is ridiculously competitive. Companies fight to get your custom. Remember that. They each try and improve their bonuses to entice you to choose them. Nice to have that kind of power, right?

    Make sure you compare casinos and pick the offers accordingly. Compare, read reviews, do your research if a bonus seems too good to be true. If you read negative stories in large quantities (every casino will have a bad review or two), think about whether you want to deposit your money there.

    Know Your Bonus 

    Casinos offer different types of bonuses. Make sure you know how each one works and the advantages of one over the other. For example, a deposit bonus with a high wagering requirement may not be worth it.

    There are other kinds: a match bonus, where the casino will give you a free bet based on how much you deposit (they’ll match what you put in). Then there’s the sticky bonus, where the initial bonus amount can’t be withdrawn. Knowing what each means will help you form a strategy that befits the type of bonus.

    Check the House Edge 

    Before you start using your bonus, check out the house edge for each game. Many of the free spin bonuses give you a large selection of games, and they’re not all equal. If you want to maximize your chances of walking away with a bit of profit, go for the ones that offer a lower house edge.

    Want to go for the bigger jackpot? Then you’ll usually have to settle for a game where you’ll probably walk away with nothing. But if you do win, it’ll be big. Pick based on these considerations, rather than a random choice or because you think a particular game looks pretty.

    Remember to Have Fun! 

    When you use a bonus, you’ll either walk away as a winner or with nothing extra in your pocket. Even with the optimal strategy, it doesn’t guarantee you’ll win. That’s why you should always remember to have a little bit of fun, especially when you are playing with house money.

    Remember, the good offers don’t require you to put any money down. You can enjoy the games with the knowledge that none of your money is on the line. Yes, have a strategy. Aim to win. But don’t be so disappointed when you don’t hit that winning line that it ruins the experience.


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