5 Things All Gamers Should Do In 2016

    With the new year in full swing, we have twelve months of amazing gaming to look forward to. And, on that note, here are five things that all gamers should do in 2016:

    Attend A Gaming Event

    Throughout the year, there are multiple gaming events that are put on to showcase upcoming games. Some of the big ones include E3, Eurogamer, and Gamescom. I highly recommend you try and attend at least one of these events this year. They’re the pinnacle for every gamer. You get to see new games and play demos before anyone else. Plus, you may meet some of the biggest and most famous names in the industry.


    ps4 control padBuy A New Console

    Buying a new console is yet another thing all gamers should do this year. Why? Because the games lineup is so good across the board, you can’t afford to miss out. You may already have a console, but 2016 is the year you should have two if you want to get the most out of your gaming experience. Perhaps you’ve considered getting another console but can’t decide which one to get? Then have a look at the best consoles of last year on this page. A lot of PC gamers turn their nose up at console gamers, but 2016 is the time to get your hands on as many consoles as you can afford.

    Try Competitive Gaming

    There’s definitely been more global coverage of competitive gaming in the last couple of years. In fact, franchises like Call Of Duty are putting competitive game modes into their games. If you game regularly, I strongly suggest you give competitive gaming a go. You don’t have to take things super serious, but give it a try. You’ll find that your gaming experience is completely different; it’s more intense! A good change up from the casual gaming nights you normally have.

    Buy One Of The Hottest Games This Year

    Of course, you can’t go through 2016 without getting your hands on one of the hottest games this year. There are so many amazing games coming out this year that you must buy and play until you wear down your thumbsticks and your console overheats. If you’re a Playstation gamer, you have to try and grab Uncharted 4 when it comes out this Spring. It’s the final installment in the award-winning Uncharted series and set to be an instant classic. For those Xbox lovers, you’ve got Gears of War 4 to look forward to. And, on the Nintendo front, there’s a new Legend of Zelda game that looks just as fun and gripping as all previous installments. So, whatever console you play, it’s time to get some new games!

    Try VR Gaming

    If possible, you have to try and experience VR gaming this year. Virtual reality is the future and this year we’ll be seeing a few gaming headsets released. If you go to any of the events I mentioned earlier, you may have a chance to experience VR gaming for the first time.


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