5 Addictive (FREE) Online Games to Play When Your Bored

It has become easier than ever to load up a free game when you’re bored and kill some time. Whether it’s on our smartphones or a flash game online, there are thousands. Literally, thousands. With that in mind, how do you go about choosing the best? It all comes down to personal preference. Despite tons of ‘top 100’ lists, there is no clear winner.

In this post, we’re looking at some of the most addictive and devilishly brilliant free online games out there. They are the ones that we continuously turn to when we’re bored. Even after years, or decades in some cases, they still stand strong. Without further ado, let’s take a look at our favourites.

Doom – The free, online version of Doom isn’t the prettiest FPS in the world. But, it is still one of the most fun to play. It was one of the first wave of shoot em ups and it helped set the standard of everything that came after it. Along with Goldeneye and Perfect Dark, it started a revolution. Although it spawned the monster franchises of Halo and Call of Duty, Doom is retro gaming at its best. It is still just as intuitive and exciting today as it was ten years ago when first released. Just a quick half an hour will take away all your stress, trust us!

Portal – Portal is one of the most fiendishly difficult and brilliant puzzles of all time. And we don’t just mean in the gaming world. It is quite simply one of the best puzzles ever made. The concept is simple. You use a portal gun to aim and fire a portal at the wall. You aim a second portal somewhere else and fire. Now you use the portals to hop through puzzles that were previously impossible. Simple, brilliant, devilishly difficult. It is now a major, big budget game on the consoles, but the simple flash version is still free online.

League of Legends – This game has become a phenomenon. It is quite simply unstoppable in the gaming world. It is become so popular that it is the benchmark for gaming tournaments and championships all over the world. That’s right, gamers battle it out in arenas of spectators over League Of Legends. This is generally reserved for the gaming masters who spend 15 hours a day playing! If you need a quick half an hour fix, it’s great for that too. There are thousands online playing at any one time.

Poker – Sometimes, the traditional games are the best. A little gambling will give you all the kicks you need, cure your boredom and even win you some money. It’s free to play and you can bet against others from all around the world. You’ll usually join leagues based on your skill and fight it out for real money too.

Meat Boy – The title may sound strange, but don’t judge a game by its cover. This one is truly addictive. The franchise is one of indie gaming’s biggest success stories. The full version is one of the best selling independent games of all time. The original flash version is still free, and still every bit as brilliant as the first time we played.

Free online games are everywhere. If you need to kill some time or cure your boredom, check out one of the five on this list. Have we missed your favourite? Let us know in the comments!

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