Sunday 24 July 2016
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Manhunt 2

The Most Controversial Games of All Time

Video games and controversy go hand in hand. Whether it’s sexual content or violence, a lot of people find it very easy to find...

Metal Gear - banner image

Retro Review: Metal Gear

Note: The version of Metal Gear I played for this review is the updated version included in Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, which I played...

The Tony Hawk “Ride” board

7 Weird Gaming Accessories

Get ready to check out some of the strangest gaming accessories ever invented! From modern mods to old-school treasures, these accessories...

Classic Sinclair ZX

Are You Ready For The Return of The Classic Sinclair ZX?

The 1980’s was a great era for so many reasons, however, if you were a gamer then the Sinclair ZX is what probably brought back many...

mario 64

The Top 10 Games Ever Released on the N64

It’s hard to select the best games ever that have been released on Nintendo 64. Since numbers don’t lie, we’ve done the research to...


Reasons Why Chris Sawyer Helped to Define the Business Sim Game Genre

Nowadays, games that let you run virtual businesses are certainly nothing new.   There are lots of different options out there, allowing...