Why are gamblers are choosing to play more live casino games?

    iGaming refers to any activity that involves placing a bet online and is a mammoth industry that is still growing. While the iGaming industry has seen a number of innovations since the basic online casino platforms first popped up in the 90s, the shift to live gaming appears to be one of the most significant.

    What are live casino games?

    Relatively recently, the big hitters in the online casino world began offering bettors the chance to gamble with a real human dealer in charge of all the action, just as you’d expect to see in a brick and mortar casino. It should be mentioned that not all online casinos are able to offer this service and you generally find live games among the arsenal of games available to play from the more established names in the iGaming industry.

    The fundamental distinction between a live casino game and a standard online one is that results in a standard game are decided by a random number generator, whereas with a live game, the live dealer is producing the results. Both standard and live online games deliver random results, but generally speaking, people prefer the live option as it’s more immersive.

    Increasing popularity

    As we approach 2023, live casino games are expected to feature on any NJ casino online list, European counterpart, and any operator worth its salt. In fact, live casino games are set to account for fifty percent of total worldwide online gambling revenues, yielding over $47.5 billion in income per year. This will build on top of the bonuses and promotions already featured at successful casinos like Borgata and MGM to further grow this already huge, thriving industry.

    New games

    While these traditional casino games are all drawing bettors thanks to their move to a live format, going live is also drawing in a new demographic of gamblers with the live game show experience. With a live host there to present and guide players through the process, many people who previously enjoyed playing along at home with popular games shows are also enjoying the live game show experience.

    These game show experiences are often tie-ins with popular shows on the small screen, such as Deal or No Deal and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, which apparently resulted in Peaky Blinders. Increasingly, casino game developers are creating their own game shows with titles such as Crazy Time Live, The Money Drop Live, and Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live garnering their own fan base.
    There are a number of contributing factors to consider when asking why live casino games are more desirable now. We’ve covered a few reasons, but there’s also the fact that these games are more novel and have the potential to pave the way for yet more innovation such as VR experiences. The appeal of live casino games is as much due to what the future holds for it as it is about enjoying something different.


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