The 6 Best Online Casino Games For Beginners

    If you’re just starting out with online casino gaming, you might be wondering where the best place to start is. Some online casinos don’t make it easy for their customers; they have off-putting web design that doesn’t direct beginners to a simple way to start, making it hard to know how to get into this world. 

    That’s before we even get into the games, too. While most online casino games rely exclusively on luck, there are some games that are better for getting started than others. Some games have more obscure rules or variants that make things a little more difficult for beginners, so if you want to get started, it’s important for the platform to make a good first impression. Here are the 6 best online casino games for beginners.

    1. Roulette

    Roulette is the easiest game to understand if you’re a beginner. The rules couldn’t be any clearer: the dealer will “toss” the ball into the wheel (although, of course, this doesn’t physically happen online), and the ball will land in one of 37 segments. All you need to do is predict which of these segments the ball will end up in. You can also place bets on either red or black (each number being divided into one of the two colours), as well as whether the number will be odd or even. Some of the more advanced tactics that apply to physical roulette wheels don’t hold online, because without any physical properties, roulette becomes a game of pure chance.

    2. Lightning baccarat

    If you’ve never heard of lightning baccarat before, allow us to explain. It essentially uses the same rules as regular baccarat, only there are certain “lightning” cards that will grant you massive bonuses if your hand happens to contain one of them. Some cards are marked as “lightning” cards, and having one of these in your hand will transform whether or not you make a play. It has slightly more strategy than regular baccarat, but lightning baccarat is still easy to understand; simply bet on whether your hand or the dealer’s hand will be closer to the total of 9. If you’re still struggling, you can check out this handy lightning baccarat guide!

    3. Slots

    Just like roulette, slots are incredibly easy to understand for beginners. They’re set up so that even those with absolutely no online casino experience can enjoy them. You don’t even need to physically pull a lever; simply click and you’re good to go. Despite what many people might tell you, there’s no skill whatsoever involved in actually playing slots; developing an online gambling strategy revolves mainly around picking times to play and managing bankroll. The slots themselves simply entail clicking, waiting to see if you get the right alignment, and trying again (or walking away) if you don’t. That’s what makes slots perfect for new players.

    4. Blackjack

    Like the other games on this list, blackjack is very easy to understand, but you could still potentially stand to win big if you play, so there’s no correlation between the simplicity of the rules and the size of the potential payout. All you need to do in blackjack is watch to see whether your hand looks like it might be getting close to 21. If it is, you stay where you are, and if it isn’t, you can add cards to your hand until it is. Be careful, though, because you’ll automatically fold if you exceed 21. At its core, blackjack is a game of guesswork; can you guess whether the dealer has a better hand than you? Again, the online variant removes any observational element, so you’re simply working on luck.

    5. Dice

    There are many different dice games at online casino establishments, but the simplest and most compelling for beginners is the basic variant of the game. All you need to do in this variant is bet on the outcome of the roll of a pair of dice. That’s it; no hidden tricks or traps. Sometimes, online casinos may not offer this game, as it’s not necessarily attractive to online casino pros or aficionados due to how basic it is. However, if you can find an online casino that offers a simple game of dice, then this is a great way to get acclimatised to the ins and outs of the process of online betting. Once you get used to playing, you can “graduate” to slightly more complex games if you wish.

    6. Poker

    Last but not least, we have poker, which is rather tricky to understand if you’re a complete beginner. Once you start to get the rhythm of the game, however, you’ll realise that it’s actually not that off-putting. There are several combinations of cards you’ll need to learn, but once these are memorised, it’s just a matter of knowing whether or not your opponents have the cards to beat you. This element is largely removed online, however; poker is a game of observation, but online, you won’t be able to see your opponents, so you’ll be playing entirely around luck and chance. That’s what makes online poker a suitable game for beginners where physical poker may be less ideal.

    We hope this list of the 6 best online casino games for beginners has helped you in your personal journey. Which games do you like to play? Which ones did you start with when you were a beginner? Let us know!    


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