Six Interesting Facts About Online Pokies

    The simplest means of simultaneous entertainment and possible enrichment are pokie machines. Surely not only gamblers, but also people far from gambling will read with interest about funny facts, because the game is a recognized and generally accessible entertainment, especially during the everything online era. Nowadays you can even try to play pokies online for free on such websites like Casinonic –

    1. Fey or Schultz? It is generally accepted that pokies were invented by Charles Fey, who worked as a mechanic in San Francisco. Liberty Bell – his first machine. Some researchers have a different opinion: the first pokie machine was designed by Gustav Schultz. The name of his first machine is Horseshoe.
    2. Competition Charles Fey’s “One-armed Bandits” quickly became popular. The number of Fay’s haters also quickly grew, and in 1905 they stole the Liberty Bell from a bar in San Francisco. The purpose of the theft was clear: the criminals were going to open their own production of pokie machines.
    3. Pokie Machines for the Blind. Bally Gaming Systems company launched pokies for the blind a few years ago. Braille is used for designations on the buttons, special sound signals duplicate the results of spins. The famous musician Charles Ray (he is blind), came up with the idea of developing pokie machines for blind players. And now in the pokies of the Bally Gaming Systems after big winnings you can hear the melodies of Charles Ray.
    4. An enterprising and gambling musician Lemmy Kilmister, the leader of the British band Motorhead, once thought about the fact that he has to spend a very impressive amount of money on organizing parties every day. The musician found an original way to make dream come true. He installed pokie machines in his house, and now guests could gamble and, naturally, at least partially reimburse Kilmister for the funds he spent on the party.
    5. There is no room for two. Sometimes gamblers played two pokie machines at casino simultaneously. This fact was considered as outrageous in Germany. Soon a law was passed establishing a veto on the installation of pokies close to each other. Thus, the state could impose fines on clubs that broke the law.
    6. “Fruitmachines”. In the 1920s, pokie machines were banned due to the act which prohibits gambling completely. After that act was passed, work of pokies was adjusted. Now pokies began to give out not money, but various prizes. As a result, the law was bypassed and the high-income business was not lost. The prizes were sweets, chewing gum flavored with all kinds of fruits which player could exchange for real money. That is why slots are called fruit machines.

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