YouTube or Twitch: Which is the best casino streaming platform?

    The two streaming giants both provide live and edited video content, and both have a history of bringing gaming entertainment to audiences around the world. Yet in recent years, YouTube Live has been overtaken as the best casino streaming platform. Here we look at why this may be, and unearth the relationship between live streaming, casino gaming and these two video providers.

    Casino Streaming

    Casino streaming has been growing in popularity and demand since it began in earnest a decade or so ago, with many viewers finding live streamed casino games thrilling to watch and participate in through rolling commentary boxes and vibrant online communities.

    Like many other elements of online life, streaming has entered just about any and every part of entertainment, lifestyle and cultural production, with a supposed 55% of the entire world’s population engaging with online video content daily. Both of the two large streaming platforms boast significant numbers of active streamers and viewers, and both have a history of streaming games of all varieties, particularly video games. These two platforms are even said to command much more traffic than traditional television networks. Casino streaming isn’t limited to these two providers, but it is otherwise often restricted to online casino membership and registration. With live streaming via the big two platforms, content is free to access and view, drawing in much larger numbers and with greater variation. So, which is best and why?

    Which is Best?

    YouTube has struggled with live streaming recently, with the sporadic banning and blocking of streaming channels due to shifting regulations, citing “multiple or severe violations of YouTube’s policy” when doing so. This comes amid multiple YouTube scandals such as Logan Paul incident, where YouTube is being pressured to monitor content. As such, casino streamers often find it difficult to maintain their channels within this inconsistent regulatory environment. This has happened to major streamers Casinodaddy and Letsgiveitaspin, for instance, when their accounts at YouTube were banned for a while, prompting their move elsewhere. YouTube’s competitors are therefore growing from strength to strength in this arena, facilitating casino and gaming live streaming and encouraging new membership in former YouTube users. Twitch has since taken a lead over YouTube in all gaming and viewership hours, where YouTube thrives on edited content. As such, gaming aficionado Casinomon stresses that YouTube still has a role to play in publishing big win clips and edited sessions, but it has lost out on streaming potential. Although his points to others being the most effective means of casino live streaming, dominating a larger variety of genres and channels than YouTube, it isn’t necessarily the end. Streamers frequently maintain a presence on both platforms, suggesting that YouTube could rise in popularity provided it gets its policies in order.

    For now, Twitch is the best casino streaming platform. It offers professional support through a Partner program, something that actively encourages casino players and streamers. It is also incredible intuitive and friendly for newcomers, offering streamers a chance to develop an intimate and loyal audience with new channels. Although both have problems of saturation, only one offers the best casino stream.


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