Why the dynamic of the gaming world is evolving

    Gaming has been around for a long time in various forms, dating back to ancient ancestors, and has since remained the most popular pastime which is widely accepted socially. With modern technology, there are now thousands of consoles, card games, and physical games that draw the attention of many people around the world.

    Dating thousands of years, billions of different forms and styles of games have come and gone with some games even staying popular throughout, such as card games like blackjack, poker, and roulette. Gambling and gaming go hand in hand, with the use and implementation of modern technology, games have become far more sophisticated, complex, and far more engaging than we’ve ever known. In the modern era, gambling has become widely accepted and is often fueled by the massive social aspect, with poker tournaments being watched and fan favorites being supported as if they were their favorite sports team.

    Online slot games have also become far more popular, with streamers transforming the landscape of slot gaming, displaying intense bonus buys, immensely volatile slots, and jackpot games with hourly slot jackpots now common to see which is a newer addition to slot gaming. It has become far more interactive and immersive for players, with large titles from big-name moves, TV series, and personalities being released such as Gordon Ramsey’s Hell’s Kitchen, Rick and Morty, Vikings, and even down to Donkey Kong with various installments, giving players a reference close to home.

    Not only that, but virtual sports betting has become immensely popular, with graphics and mechanics becoming much more sophisticated and allowing players to view virtual matches, making for more exciting outcomes and experiences.


    Which console games deserve revisiting?

    Console gaming has recently come under some scrutiny, with many game developers following suit from others releasing the bare minimum in content with a large focus on future downloadable content (DLC) to keep their games alive. This style was always paramount in the record-breaking hit Fortnite, a free-to-play game by Epic Games. With their main source of revenue coming from microtransactions, the developers were able to work on future updates and upgrades to the game, while keeping a tremendous concurrent player count, a feat that many games look to achieve year-on-year.

    Although downloadable content is great for gaming, it is not well-received by many of the gaming community for games that charge for the full game and follow by needing to spend more money to get the newest content in games. While Fortnite and other titles Apex Legends, another free-to-play game made by EA are free-to-play, there’s never a need to purchase anything via microtransactions to improve the skill of the player.

    In titles that charge for the full game, such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, or Battlefront 2, gamers are enraged to know that there can be an unfair advantage to those that can and do purchase DLC content. Battlefront 2 had come under mass scrutiny from the gaming community, with the term pay-to-win being thrown around, which is frankly a buzzword for gamers worldwide.

    EA quickly recognized this error and had no choice but to release all content for free, which did improve the player count, but also led to the developing team stopping producing content for the game and moving to the declining title Battlefield 2042 to continue to produce content in the game EA had so much faith in succeeding. This was by large a complete success and the player count in Battlefield 2042 has increased vastly, compared to its initial release date.


    Battle Royales – a thing of the past

    Upon the release of Fortnite, some other titles were offering a battle royale that was drawing in large numbers of players, such as H1Z1 and the release of Fortnite was the game that broke the gaming sphere. H1Z1 is a title that had a lot of promise but was quickly overshadowed by Fortnite, Call of Duty: Blackout, PUBG: Battlegrounds, and Apex Legends. Epic Games had clearly shown a hole in the gaming market that could be taken advantage of and even today, Fortnite remains in the top spot for battle royale-style games.

    However, the idea of Battle Royale games was genius, allowing massive amounts of players, some ranging from 100-200 players in a single match. Acquiring a win on these styles of games was far more satisfying for gamers, who in totality seemed tired of the lineal run, gun, and die methods enhanced by popular war games like Call of Duty and Battlefield. In simple terms, this style of game has become less popular, but remains a favorite for gamers and is even enhanced by gaming streamers with high skill levels, boasting mounds of kills and victories that make for incredibly intense and entertaining gameplay.


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