Why Do I Keep Losing at Slot Games?

Slots attract players big time due to their tendency of paying out frequently. Most players going for slots don’t care about the size of rewards, as it is a known fact that slot games usually don’t offer huge rewards on their pay tables, other than the jackpots that are hard to hit – try Rainbow Riches slots.

While being highly engrossed with their slots, players normally forget that they are prone to losing a lot of money by making real-money bets in these games. Of course, most of the players will put it down to their luck, but there can be specific reasons behind losing slot games repeatedly. Below is an account of a few of these reasons to help you be wary of the potential mistakes that can lead to continuous losses in slot games.

·         Ignoring the Odds

Determining the winning odds accurately in a slot game is a tricky thing to achieve. Players logging into slots for fun ignore this step and end up losing more than expected. This is where the RTP of a slot comes in handy. As a rule of thumb, slot games offering an RTP rating of 95% and above are considered to pay out more. Always remember to check this factor before you start playing any slot.

·         Picking Slot Games Randomly

This reason is linked to the first one in many ways. Choosing a slot game to bet on requires some serious thought. A random slot choice often ends up being the wrong one, as you don’t have any idea how much player return the slot has to offer. So, while picking a slot, always do some homework on the appropriateness of a slot and its suitable player return percentage.

·         Going for Bigger Bets All the Time

Generally, players like to think that betting bigger will help them win bigger rewards. It is a huge misconception, especially with slots. While placing bigger bets at slots, most of us forget that we are only adding more towards the share that goes to the casino ultimately, i.e., the house edge. To avoid that, simply choose the slot games that let you play with minimal bets possible.

·         Not Availing the Bonuses

Slot bonuses are there for a reason; to make your gameplay convenient. It is true that each bonus comes with strict wagering requirements, which encourages the players to skip the bonuses completely. But by doing so, they also give up the opportunity of extending their session with these bonuses and boosting their winning odds. If you are successful in triggering these bonuses, you might also win a bankroll extension which you can use for placing more bets without the fear of running out sooner than you would like.


The potential of losing at slots is pretty high. Hence, it is important to keep all facets in mind and try other gambling attractions to test your odds. You might end up with a winning streak if you mix and match some casino classics for your next night at the online casino.

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