What kind of problems can I come across while betting on Dota 2?

Betting on eSports is something that millions of people from all over the world love doing on a daily basis. Nowadays, there are many cool eSports that you can punt on. However, one of the most popular ones is Dota 2 because this game has been out for a while and actually has one of the most advanced professional scenes.

Even though betting on your favorite Dota 2 team is fun, there are many things that can go wrong. This is true for pretty much any sport that you choose to punt on, however, eSports are even more affected due to their nature.

With that said, here are some of the problems that you might stumble upon when you decide to bet on Dota 2.

Scamming websites

One of the worst things that could happen to anyone who decides to bet online is to end up on a shady website. Even though there are gambling commissions all over the world that have the task to monitor the betting websites, there will always be places that will do everything they can in order to lure you in and steal your money.

That’s why one of the most critical questions you need to get an answer to is where to bet on esports. We are living in times where we have access to all sorts of information in just a matter of seconds, so make sure you do your research.

Bad odds

Once you find a legit online bookmaker, the things problem that most people face is bad odds. Unfortunately, this is not something that the website is willing to fix.

So, if you want to avoid a situation where you have to bet on low odds, make sure you compare the bookie you’ve chose to other betting websites. Who knows, you might find better “bang for the buck”.

The lack of a live stream option

Even though we’re living in a world where everyone can use his mobile phone or tablet to bet on eSports, there are still some bookmakers who don’t have the option that allows their customers to watch live events.

To be fair, there are not many websites that provide this feature for regular sports. However, when it comes down to eSports, almost every event is streamed on one website, which is Twitch. As a result, bookies just need to integrate it into their platforms in order for us, the bettors, to watch our favorite team.

There are not enough tournaments to choose from

Sadly, this is an ongoing problem that many operators are still struggling with. Similar to any other eSport, Dota 2 has big tournaments that attract the best players and events that are a lot smaller. Despite that, the small competitions also provide loads of betting options, which you won’t have access to unless the bookie you chose actually covers the event.

So, make sure you check what kind of Dota 2 events you can find before you start betting.


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