What Are the Top 5 Tools for Gamers?

    Gamers are serious about their craft. When playing competitively, gaming tools can provide the edge needed to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. These 5 tools rule the roost.

    Get an Edge Over Your Competition with These Exceptional Gaming Tools

    The gaming industry is growing at an unprecedented rate. It is hands down the #1 industry in the entertainment arena, and for good reason. The gaming market is fueled by unprecedented advances in technology, hardware, and software. The Internet of things has facilitated cloud-based multi-player functionality, cutting across demographic strata to deliver exceptional gaming performance. Of course, these tectonic shifts are only possible if gamers are using the most up-to-date tools and resources at their disposal. If unbridled gameplay is an objective, the following 5 tools are sacrosanct for any serious gaming fans.

    #1 HUD Gaming Software

    Heads up Display software, otherwise known as HUD is imperative for gamers who enjoy 3D functionality. Customized user interfaces are game dependent, and are ideal for top titles like World of Warcraft. From action-packed titles to online casino entertainment, high quality HUD gaming software is a necessity. Players can use this software to gain deeper insights into other players’ strategies, performance, and risk profiles. Statistical analysis allows online poker players to evaluate their opponents’ gameplay, as opposed to reading body language in person.

    #2 Game Recording Software

    It comes as no surprise that brilliant in-game performance is something that players cherish. Capturing these types of amazing plays, including monster bluffs in poker is certainly worth sharing. But to do this, powerful game recording software is needed. There are lots of different game recording software options available, and the right fit depends on the screen resolution, Internet speed, and price. Free game recording software is typically best for low resolution video playback, but if you’re looking to up the ante above 4K, it’s probably better to go with a premium-grade software system. Top examples of recording software include NVIDIA ShadowPlay and MSI Afterburner.

    #3 Poker Timer

    Poker players absolutely love a poker timer. The 888poker timer is a premium-grade poker clock that ramps up the entertainment value of poker games, and saves time. It helps players to keep up-to-date with increasing blinds and levels of play. What else does it do? It reduces confusion about what stage of play a tournament is in, and all the action which follows. It’s ideal for home-based poker games, and can easily be set up with the Small Blind (SB) and Big Blind (BB) amounts. A poker timer should always function optimally with all formats of poker tournaments including standard games, turbos, and deepstack contests. A poker timer can be customized to include add-ons, blinds, and players in all formats of the game. And since it’s free, it’s a win-win for casual players, intermediate level players, and poker pros.

    #4 Strategy Trainer

    Strategy trainers are important tools that players can use to up their game. Whether it’s blackjack, baccarat, or poker, a strategy trainer incorporates different gameplaying techniques, methodology, and styles for maximum effect. These types of tools can be used to simulate real gaming conditions with chips, players, and cards, in a series of immersive gaming sessions. There are many different types of strategy trainers available, courtesy of leading software providers. The objective of strategy trainers for poker games and blackjack games is clear: help players to enhance their gaming abilities before embarking on real money gaming sessions. Strategy trainers can be used to test out different systems, such as Martingale, Reverse Martingale, D’Alembert, Fibonacci, James Bond systems and more.

    #5 Game Filters

    Card players enjoy having lots of information available about one another. This is especially true during intense competitions. Many such examples abound such as deepstack poker tournaments, competitive MTTs, and lively SNGs. Tracking programs with filters allow players to examine things like check raises in 3 bet situations, or breaking a game down into components for deeper analysis. Game filters allow players to assess opponents in novel ways, notably with hands that are played, checks, raises, all-ins and the like. Various freestyle game filters are now available, with postprocessing filters and seamless compatibility with multiple supported games. Players can optimize their game settings on PC, Mac and mobile to perfection. These are great for social media sharing purposes.


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