What are the skill-based casino games?

    Playing games is something that has been popular for a long time throughout history. Modern times are no different and we all know how popular video gaming has been in the last while. The contemporary gaming sector, though, is a multi-faceted beast and this has also seen online casino gaming grow immensely in recent times.

    The rise of online casinos is no surprise when you think about it more closely. Not only do they offer a convenient and safe way to enjoy top titles but they also come with excellent customer support. When you throw in the best online casino promos for players to track down, it is no wonder iGaming platforms have taken off.

    Of course, the range of games available at online casinos helps to draw people in. Prime among these are skill-based games that do not just rely on luck. Due to their design, many players feel these games offer more control over the outcome and a better chance of winning. But which games are they exactly?



    When it comes to skill-based casino games, poker sits at the very top of the list. This is because the outcome is not dependent on pure luck and players do have a certain amount of influence on how the hand goes. Poker also involves strategic thinking and deep gameplay. Players not only have to keep track of community cards and see how they impact their own hand but also try to work out what hand other players might have.

    In addition, they have to use their own knowledge and skill to implement their own in-game strategy. As well as being appealing to players as a skill-based casino game, poker is also popular for its thrilling gameplay and range of variations.



    Just as you could argue that some video games (such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2) need plenty of skill to succeed, many people into casino games insist that blackjack is a game of skill. This game does contain an element of luck but players do have a certain amount of influence on proceedings, due to how they choose to play. In addition, trying out blackjack does involve players thinking about their hand, thinking about what the dealer might have and then deciding what to do next.

    All this takes it from being a mere game of chance into something that is more skill focused. Many people will also classify a casino game as skill-based if they feel you can take a systematic approach to it. Blackjack scores well here because you can use basic blackjack strategy charts to tell you what to do next, based on what cards you or the dealer currently hold. People really seem to enjoy the strategic nature of blackjack and also flock to it because of its low house edge.



    This might seem a strange casino game to include on our list – after all, does it not rely on the roll of the dice? While this is true, craps is also a game that involves deep strategy and this brings enough skill with it to make the cut.

    It all comes down to the variety of bets to choose from in this game and how some bets offer better chances of winning than others. An in-depth knowledge of how these bets can be used in-play is also a factor. This gives players some control and sees the bets you make exert an influence on how your session goes.


    Skill-based slots

    Although standard slots are pure luck, there are some skill-based examples to try. These special types of slots see you having to use your own gameplay knowledge and tactics to win. Due to this, it is fair to say they involve some skill and are not just dependent on luck.

    While this might not show up too much in skill-based slots gameplay, it comes to the fore in the bonus rounds. These bonus rounds often involve a certain level of skill to do well in and bag prizes. Due to this, they make the player more active in the game and give them more say on their potential winnings.


    Skill-based games can be best to play

    The big question this article throws up is whether you should focus only on skill-based games at casinos. The simple truth is that this can be a good idea because they give you more control when playing, more ability to affect the outcome and more scope to bring strategy into the gameplay. However, games that are decided purely by chance can still be exciting to play. It really comes down to personal choice and how important it is for you to be able to influence the outcome of any game you try.


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