What are the Best Strategies to Win at Slots?

    When it comes to playing slots, many people think that there is only the luck of the spin that stands between them and cashing out – sometimes with huge amounts. But, that’s not the whole truth. There is, in fact, a level of skill involved, which means there is a way to improve and perfect this skill in order to develop a strategy to win or increase your chances of winning. Given that there is a way to improve, it stands to reason that there are strategies to implement in order to do this. But, what are the best strategies to win at online slots?

    Betting Strategies

    Taking a page from professional poker, using a betting strategy won’t improve your skill at slots, but it will offer you a greater chance of cashing out – or so the theory goes. The martingale strategy, often used in roulette and poker, for example, suggests that players double their bet if they lose. So, if the best was for one and you lost, you’d up it to two. Then, if you win, you have won back your losses. Of course, there is no guarantee that you will reclaim your loss, but the theory of probability means that you have a good chance of at least breaking even eventually. The d’Alembert system is another mathematical way in which players gradually increase their stakes. The theory is that you begin with a stake and then increase the stake after a less and decrease the stake after a win. Theoretically, the probability states that you should either break even or come away with a win. The d’Alembert system is statistically safer than the martingale one, which is why some people prefer to use it as their starting betting strategy.

    Strategic Thinking

    When you come to play slot machines for real money, you should face it as though in a high-stakes tournament. Every move should be considered and decisions should be logical and thought out. Using common sense and taking time to make decisions as to whether to spin or not and when to spin could result in the difference between a payday and a loss. All gaming requires concentration and strategic thinking long-term in order for you to succeed. Practising playing can help improve attention and help think out decisions for future games. But practising with online slots isn’t the only way to improve your strategy for playing them. Many people who are skilled in one form of online gaming are skilled across the board – playing other games helps hone reflexes and perfect decision-making abilities. Chess players are renowned for being strong across other games due to the way chess forces players to think. Every move should be calculated several steps ahead – so implementing betting strategies can be useful as you can react to each spin of the slot with what you should do depending on the outcome of the next few spins.

    Choose the Right Slot

    Ultimately when playing online slots, you need to make sure that the slot you’re playing is the right one for you. This is both in terms of the payout and risk/reward balance of the slot you are playing. For instance, higher denomination slots have higher payback percentages – which means the slot games that cost the most also have the most to give back out.  When implementing a betting strategy, it could be beneficial to discover which slot games would provide you with the best outcome. While this may not suit everyone, for those employing strategies that interact with payouts and betting, this is a good rule to keep in mind. However, choosing the right slot comes down to the one that will provide the most entertainment value. There’s no point in playing an Ancient Egypt themed slot if you hate the desert. There are dozens of slots that are based on popular franchises and brands, from Bridesmaids to Jurassic World to Family Guu. With some research on what’s available, you can play a slot game you enjoy and benefit from the slot gameplay and the theme of the game, which can act as an added bonus for the content provided. Finding a slot that has a theme that will give you the ultimate experience, while also employing the other strategies to win could result in the best outcome.

    While the luck of the spin is a large factor involved in playing online slots, there are ways that can help give you a slightly better advantage at coming out on top. Whether you improve your ability to play the game calmly and in a controlled manner, or focus on betting strategies borrowed from elsewhere in order to mitigate any losses, there are ways and means to use strategic thinking to improve your odds.


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