What Are Proxies And What Are Their Uses?

    Proxies are intermediary servers, and they work between a couple of devices present on a network. When people use proxies, their internet requests get routed through a proxy server, and finally, they get to the service or website they wish to access. A proxy does not reveal a person’s IP address, and it permits him to circumvent website restrictions. Hence, it works to keep people’s online activities strictly private.

    The job of a proxy

    A proxy serves many vital roles, and some notable ones among them are:

    Content filters – Online proxies do the job of regulating incoming connection requests besides working as content filters. Their job includes blocking unwanted outgoing traffic. Many companies prefer to configure a proxy server in the form of a content filter so that employees can’t access the restricted websites when they work.

    Firewalls – Firewalls are network security systems, and they work as a hindrance between the wider internet and a network. Security professionals prefer to configure firewalls to block undesired access to a network they wish to protect, mostly in the form of an anti-hacking and anti-malware countermeasure. Proxy servers between the internet and a reliable network seem to be an ideal place for hosting a firewall that is designed to intercept.

    Caching – Caching refers to the provisional storage of regularly accessed data. Due to this, people can access the data fast and easily again in the future. An internet proxy caches sites so that they get loaded faster, and it lessens latency. This is the time the data takes to travel via the internet.

    Bypassing content filters – People can outsmart web proxies with other proxies. Even when the proxy of your company blocks your preferred website without blocking access to your preferred web proxy or personal proxy server, you can continue to access your proxy and utilize it for visiting your favorite websites.

    Sharing Internet connection – Homes or businesses that have only one Internet connection can utilize a proxy for funneling all their devices with the help of that connection. However, they can use wireless-capable devices or Wi-Fi routers for this purpose.

    Safety – A proxy, besides hosting firewalls, can also improve safety as it works as only one public face. When you see from outside, you will find all the users of the network to be anonymous, and they remain hidden behind the IP address of the internet proxy. And when hackers want to get access to specific devices, they find it tougher to discover them.


    Finding a good site

    Proxies work as an intermediary between a website and a device. When people get connected to proxies, both their incoming and outgoing data pass via the proxies. And their IPs become substituted with the IP of the proxy server they use. In the absence of proxies, people’s traffic flows directly from their devices to a website, and the proxies allow the traffic to pass through their devices to the proxies. Any reply that comes from the website reaches the proxy server first, and then it is forwarded to people. To buy the best proxies, rely on reliable sites like


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