Virtual Reality in 2018: Three Amazing Games Coming to PSVR This Year

While it hasn’t become mainstream as fast as you might have expected, given the massive media coverage it had, virtual reality is here to stay. Slowly but steadily, VR headset sales – other than smartphone-based headsets – are growing, thanks in part to the friendlier price tags some of the leading manufacturers have attached to their products. And the number of games of all kinds, ranging from deep, immersive interactive tales to more casual titles like some upcoming top new slot sites are starting to list, is continuously growing. We have a bit of a format war at hand, of course, with some titles only being released for specific VR platforms but their number is growing nonetheless. And there are quite a few of them, of all types, that we can look forward to in the coming year.

Firewall Zero Hours (2018)

If you liked Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six series, you will probably love First Contact Entertainment’s Firewall Zero Hour, a team-based collaborative tactical shooter. The players will be assigned to either of two teams of mercenaries – the Attackers, hired by unseen contract handlers to recover sensitive information stored on a laptop somewhere on the map, or Defenders, with the objective to protect the information, prevent the hack and secure the Firewall access points from the Attackers. The players will have an arsenal of high-tech weapons and information given from above to complete their tasks – as a team.

The game will support PS VR Aim and DualShock 4 controllers. It will have a realistic pacing, super-realistic environments, and will focus on teamwork, tactics, and communications.

Golem (2018)

A boy is trapped inside his room as a result of his escapades in the village that have left him injured. But his imagination is out, roaming free throughout the land – he sees the world through the eyes of a Golem, fighting other monsters made of clay.

The game, built by High Wire Games (a studio with several former Bungie staffers) was released on PSX in 2016, and it will finally come to PSVR this year.

Megalith (2018)

What is the use of virtual reality if you can’t play from the perspective of massive fighters? Megalith brings its players just that. In the upcoming action game built by Disruptive Games, an independent game studio founded by industry veterans, the player will become a titan – complete with its massive size and amazing firepower – fighting similar creatures. The last titan standing will become a god – that’s a prize worth fighting for.

The game will come with free locomotion, strategy, and destructible environments – all this with the goal of vanquishing enemies and becoming a being of supreme power.

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