Two Android apps developed by Google

Here are some of the two best Android apps ever developed by Google. They may even be better than real money games, and it is hard to beat these.

Google Maps

This one of the most popular Google Apps and it remains the best Android App from Google. The navigation app gives you direction to your destination. Did you know that you can also download casino App on your Android and enjoy best casinos in usa , then Google Maps app that has many features to ensure that you get to your destination efficiently? It gives real-time updates about traffic, transit, details about many popular places using the number of reviews or visits. With the Google Map app, you can get to your destination faster. All the traffic conditions are updated in real-time for instance it notifies you if there is any too much traffic and offers an alternative route to beat the traffic.

Google Map is not only about driving but it can assist you when catching a bus or train with real-time transit info. You don’t have to wait for a long-time at the boarding point, it notifies in real-time you when you can catch the bus or train. Save your routes with automatic re-rerouting based on live traffic, traffic incidents, or road closures. Google Map has accurate maps in 220 countries so you can use it anywhere in the world.

Google Play Music

Google Play Music allows you to enjoy your music life to the fullest. It provides free, ad-supported radio based entertainment. Get access to millions of songs online and upload as many songs as you can to the service for free. Create playlists based on mood, songs, albums, artists, decades, year of release, and more. There is so much content to enjoy as the Google Play Music can be linked to YouTube.  Once you subscribe you can access millions of music videos, songs, news videos and much more. Google Play Music enables you to download music to your device and listen when you’re not even connected to the internet. It recommends music content based on your taste.


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