Top Video Game Genres Growing Worldwide

    Whether you’re looking for a new hobby to pick up just ahead of the holidays, or you’ve finished playing through Ghost of Tsushima for the second time (which is impressive in itself because that’s a long game!), it’s always nice knowing you have video games to look forward to as game devs are constantly releasing new games for your entertainment!

    We would argue that video games really are a hobby for everyone. Young or old, into cooking or racing, whatever your interest, more likely than not, there’s a video game genre out there for you! And even better is the fact that you can decide whether you want to play with family or friends as a social activity or something you wind down with in the evening on your own! Whatever your choice of game and the number of people you wish to share the experience with, here are some of the top video game genres worldwide.

    Simulation Games

    Perhaps one of the genres finding itself more and more in the spotlight, partially thanks to the advancements in VR technology, has to be simulation games. A fan favorite of popular gaming YouTubers as well, this is a genre that’s perhaps surprising to see as one of the genres to garner the most attention in quite a short amount of time. 

    Simulation games range from anything from goat simulators to trains, to finding yourself in the operating theatre trying to help treat your patient and getting them out in one piece… hopefully successfully. Thanks to VR gaming and technology, these simulation games are almost double the fun as they immerse you into the experience making it seem even closer to the real thing than ever before!

    Sports Games

    Unsurprisingly, but comforting to see all the same, the genre of sports games is ever-growing as well and we don’t see this slowing down anytime soon. From boxing to golf, football, wrestling, basketball, and more, there’s a sports game for everyone, with new and updated players and improved mechanisms coming out every single year without fail. 

    Build your perfect team, or try a sport you haven’t played before to get an idea of what the real thing might be like! Too cold to go outside to play football? Or your friend is in another country and you have no way of hanging out? No worries at all! Grab a controller, switch on your mic, and play as though you’re right next to one another, once again.

    Multiplayer Games

    Leading on nicely from playing sports games with your friends, no matter where they are in the world, multiplayer games are also a never-ending genre, and with a continued focus from game devs on how to make their games as accessible as possible, you can be sure that there’ll always be new games every year which primarily focus on the community aspect of playing.

    From Fortnite to Fall Guys and Mario Party there’s a whole variety of multiplayer games that are perfect for your friends or your family, of all ages. Whether you want to race against one another across the finish line or solve puzzles with one another as opposed to against others, the options are endless.

    Open-World Games

    Open-world games really are games that just keep on giving. With endless opportunities to explore, there’s no chance that you’ll get bored or run out of things to do. Whether it’s new quests, new areas of a map that are unlocked, new characters, skills, and more, each new update really does feel like a new game.

    Pair this with the option to play in multiplayer with your friends, and fighting a boss battle really does seem like a piece of cake. It’s always such fun to bump into other players randomly, especially in an open-world setting, and it means you can both set off on your adventures together.

    FPS Games

    Another genre that has retained its crown and glory of being one of the most popular sorts of games in the world has to be FPS games and shooter games in general. Something about these keeps drawing players in and keeps older players hooked and reeled in for the long run.

    Whether it’s an increase in ammo capacity or new maps released in subsequent months, FPS games know how to retain their community and encourage new players to join in as well. New games every year allow you the opportunity to play in a completely new setting, with new campaign stories, giving players something to look forward to in the near future.


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