Top 6 Online Games You Can Play With Real Money

    The gaming universe has recently entered a new era: real money gaming.

    Essentially, this is when you choose an online game that lets you play for real money (and other prizes, too).

    Obviously, this has caught the attention of millions of people. After all, it’s a whole lot more exciting than the traditional gaming experience.

    If you think this is something that you yourself might be interested in, then you’ve definitely come to the right spot for information and inspiration.

    Altogether, here’s a top 6 list of online games that let you play with real money.

    Note: you must be above the legal gambling age in your country or state to play most of these games!

    1.    Online Baccarat

    First, baccarat is a timeless table game that’s been a casino favorite throughout history. Traditionally played in person with cards at casinos or even among groups of friends, the game has always been played with real cash (or sometimes just for fun without the monetary incentive). Howe

    However, these days, you can now play online baccarat for real money via popular internet casino platforms – a hobby that has become increasingly popular in recent years, particularly among gambling fans who don’t always have time to visit land-based casinos regularly.

    The added bonus of this classic game launching online in real money format is this: it’s incredibly simple and easy to learn, even over the internet – a testament to its longevity as a long-loved casino game for a number of decades. All the player has to do is place a wager on one of three possible outcomes:

    • The banker’s hand wins
    • The player’s hand wins
    • A tie (standoff)

    After the wager is placed, it’s simply a case of sitting back and waiting to see which hand wins. In some cases, there will be a tie, but this doesn’t happen that often. If the player wins their bet while playing in an online casino, they’ll receive their monetary winnings into their account’s wallet. If they lose, well, c’est la vie! Remember, it’s the fun that counts, after all – even with real money casino games.

    2.    Video Poker

    Video poker is another classic casino game that has conventionally played in person with cash – be it with groups of friends or at land-based gambling establishments. Like with baccarat, you can play poker online with real money.

    In video poker, the concept is similar to that of a slot machine: you get dealt a hand and then spin the reels (cards) if you want to take a risk and try getting a stronger hand. In the end, the overall value of your hand dictates how much you win.

    3.    FIFA 23 (via Game Champions)

    The FIFA franchise is one of the most popular gaming franchises of all time, with millions of players worldwide.

    EA Sports don’t allow you to directly play with real money through FIFA 23. However, Game Champions, a third party online platform, does.

    Through Game Champions, you can play in FIFA 22 and 23 tournaments for real money against other people. Naturally, the better you do, the better the prizes you can win.

    To play FIFA 23 through Game Champions, you’ll need to purchase it on PC, PlayStation, or XBOX. After doing this, you’ll be good to go.

    4.    Solitaire Cash

    Solitaire Cash is a game that you can download through the iOS and Android app stores.

    It’s just like normal solitaire, except this time you get to play for real money prizes. You win these prizes by going up against other players, which adds an extra element of excitement.

    If you’ve never played solitaire before, it’s recommended you learn the solitaire rules before trying this app.

    5.    GamerMine

    GamerMine is a task-based online game where you can win small prizes upon successfully completing the tasks.

    For example, you can complete surveys through GamerMine and then receive rewards for it at the end.

    In addition to this, you can also complete tasks like installing mobile apps and signing up for free trials.

    6.    Online Blackjack

    Last but not least, there’s another casino-based game: online blackjack.

    Online blackjack is a little more complicated than the above-mentioned baccarat. However, it’s still relatively easy to learn and play.

    In online blackjack, you’ll go up against a computer-generated card dealer. They will deal you a hand and themselves a hand. The aim is to defeat their hand without going over a total value of 21. If you do, you go ‘bust’ and lose.

    At the beginning, you’ll be dealt a hand of 2 cards. Take a look at your virtual cards and calculate their overall value (for example, a 9 of hearts and 5 of diamonds would give you a total hand value of 14). In this instance, you would need to make a decision: do I stick with 14 or take a risk and request an additional card? If you ask for another card instead of sticking with what you have, you would need the new card to be a value of 7 or below (as anything above would make your hand go bust).

    After a few games of online blackjack, you’ll soon have the hang of it!


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