Top 3 Online Slots and Casino Games Released so far in 2020

    Not even halfway into the year and we are already discussing the best games of the year so far. Will these games help to make your year a bit better? Will they help to put more digits into your bank account? Yes, so without further ado, here are the current top 3 new releases to play inside the best casinos found online.

    Kingdoms Rise™ by Playtech

    In late October 2019, it was announced by major games developer Playtech, that they would launch a new gaming suite with added unique reward system to take gameplay to new higher echelons of entertainment. In 2020 Kingdoms Rise dropped and a brand-new tsunami of opportunity washed over the industry, in what was a much-needed cleanse after the year it had.

    Kingdoms Rise is without a doubt going to be the grandest gaming series released this year and beyond. Playtech built a worldwide reputation for class following their Age of Gods™ jackpot series. Well, this is the second coming, a whole new project and concept and brand-new ways of winning real money online.

    The fantasy world these of Kingdoms Rise offers several different lands to play in, each represented by a slot in the series. So far, the games made for this kingdom are:

    • Kingdoms Rise: Sands of Fury™
    • Kingdoms Rise: Captain’s Treasure™
    • Kingdoms Rise: Guardians of the Abyss™
    • Kingdoms Rise: Scorching Clouds™
    • Kingdoms Rise: Forbidden Forest™
    • Kingdoms Rise: Reign of Ice™

    These are the lists of titles thus far released as of April 2020. Expect more to come in the following months and long into 2021.

    All games are built using the same rewards feature that gifts tokens to players which can be used to buy bonus features to activate within the game. These games also come with an interactive map to help you traverse across dimensions to explore all other Kingdoms.

    The games offer the latest 3D animation graphics backed by powerful storyline concepts and a host of new gaming features.

    The brand-new gaming series is evidence enough that the industry of casino needs them more and they need the industry. No one game particularly stands out of the current collection because they are all equally as good as each other and perhaps they should be treated as the same game considering the tri-progressive jackpots run through the series. One major jackpot prize, one that must drop by a specific time and one that must drop by a specific value. All these games are a must-have at any of the best online casinos across the world.

    Gordon Ramsay: Hell’s Kitchen by NetEnt

    Yes, not only winning a place in the top 3 but also winning the most random game release since the creation of the universe. Gordon Ramsay, to some a world-renowned multi-Michelin Star chef with a prestigious career in food and business. To others, pure TV gold because of his disregard for human feelings and a fondness for profanity that would paint any room blue that he stood in. So, how the hell do you make this work for an online slot?

    Well, the game is not yet released, a tease we know, but by the sounds of the development company NetEnt are saying, the game will be pure adult entertainment, so expect a lot of bleeped soundbites should you both win and lose.

    The game will also house visual of Mr. Ramsay to further add to the mouth-watering effect, the jackpot will have over players that are able to handle the heat in Ramsay’s kitchen.

    A press release video cooked up the perfect appetite for this in February with the game’s official release due in the third quarter of the year.

    You wanted a bite of what’s to come in 2020, well, the perfect dish is being prepared.

    Gremlins™ Official Online Slot by WMS and SG Interactive

    Yes, the official game of the cult classic 1984 movie of the same name, Gremlins is a must for those that have seen the movie and perfect as an introduction for millennials that have no clue to the importance of this film’s status to those over the age of 30.

    Dropping in January 2020, the online slots revisits Gizmo and his unsavoury gremlin colleagues with video animation adding to the entertainment this game oozes.

    The movie-based mayhem is packed full of gaming features and bonus rounds. It’s a game that is typical of the developers involved in making this. Big engaging title, huge detail in graphics and gameplay and rewards and jackpots a-plenty!


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