Top 16 New & Upcoming Online Slots Releases

    Whether you enjoy playing slots at a casino or at home through your smartphone, there is always a lot of fun, glitz, lights, and glamour associated with it. However, we all get bored at some point. So, the moment you get tired of your favorite casino games, it might just be the right time to make some adjustments to renew the fun.

    The good thing is, gambling companies are always updating the slots with new features including new graphics, technology, and bonus games, and since we are now past the uncomfortable lockdown times, we all can agree that we need something thrilling to look forward to and change things up.

    To keep you entertained and excited, we will review in this article some of the best upcoming and updated slot games. You can test online slots at the best real money online casinos by using free spins and no deposit bonus offers.

    Chicken Drop

    If crazy cartoon graphics is something you are into, Chicken Drop is a brilliant addition to the Pragmatic Play gaming library.

    Chicken Drop has a respectable RTP of 96.5%, but when you play it, make sure to always check the fine print given that the manufacturer allows for two other settings that can reduce it to about 94%. You might lose out a little more if you don’t have your settings to the highest level, no matter where you play.

    Cluster bonuses in Chicken Drop amount to 5000x the jackpot. With so many bonuses and wilds available, you’ve got plenty to cheer about.


    Immortal Romance Mega Moolah

    Immortal Romance is one of the best-known games among players. On any casino floor worldwide, you can find Immortal Romance, one of the hottest slot games available.

    As a spiritual successor to the original 2011 version, Mega Moolah is also known as the Mega Moolah Slots. Here you can win over 12,000 times your wager, and there’s also a progressive jackpot associated with the game, which is like a white whale for slot players. Despite having a lower RTP, this slot offers one of the largest payouts.


    Elven Gold 

    Elven Gold is a fantastic game created by Microgaming. Beautiful artwork and impressive bonuses make this a must-play. Owl scatter reels are where you’ll find the big money and a higher payout is achieved when there are more owls on the screen.

    Players can earn a maximum of 15,000x their initial bet by having no more than 12 on-screen.

    Compared to other games on this list, it has fewer thrilling moments. However, you’ll consistently have more luck with this game.


    Piggy Bank Megaways

    Piggy Bank Megaways have standard graphics and a standard theme, but it still comes with incredible results.

    Respins are a major draw in Piggy Bank. When the respin is started, you will be able to spin the reels for a third time to try to fill them with scatter symbols. A new scatter symbol appears every time the respin count reaches 3 while sticky symbols stay on the reels.


    Thunderstruck Wild Lightning

    Taking advantage of various design elements from its original 2010 release, Thunderstruck gets a brand new look.

    The gameplay and graphics have been updated but the theme remains the same. This game rewards players with several new bonuses, starting from 25x to 15,000x their original stake. We’re sure it’s going to be a hit.


    Max Dangerous and the Lost Relics

    Among this year’s best new themes is Max Dangerous. It is really well done in terms of the art, and all the symbols go together to create an amazing product.

    This game has cascading bonuses that continually drop new symbols for large payouts for the best bonuses.


    Thai Flower

    There’s something nice about seeing an Asian-inspired game that doesn’t have any racial undertones. Thai Flower is a game with simple yet elegant graphics that lets players experience the beauty of Thailand.

    Although it has a big payout of 50000x, it has a lower RTP than some of the others here.


    Fruit Party 2

    With 96.5% RTP and a payout of up to $500k, this fruity sequel offers several benefits.

    One year after its original release in 2020, Fruit Party gets a remake, but that’s still an improvement.


    Booty Bay

    Being a fan of pirate themes, Booty Bay is very good at combining themes and bonuses.

    In regards to the RTP, it stands at 96.4%, which is great, but the volatility of the machine is high as it features several small games and bonuses. We still think many gamblers are favorites, although it might not be as safe as some others.


    Spicy Meatballs Megaways

    Even though the theme seems absurd, the game is one of the greatest. You will watch spicy meatballs fly and drop from the sky to land, and offer you multiplayer bonuses at an RTP of 96.6 percent. There are several ways of winning this game, but it is a bit volatile and several new players find it intimidating.


    X-Ways Hoarder 

    The X-Ways system is coming with Hoarder, a post-apocalyptic game slot in NoLimit City. The theme seems okay even though society is full of apocalypse themes these days. The Xways spins, bonuses, and wild can easily make up for it though.



    Honolulu Nights

    There is something for everyone at Honolulu Nights, an upcoming game with a more relaxed vibe. With three reels and five paylines, this is a great slot for beginners or for those looking for a break from newer slots, which usually feature more than 50 paylines.

    RTP stands at about 95% and big payouts should be more frequently hit, although they may be smaller than in some other games.


    Jungle Falls Max 

    Jungle Falls comes with a 95.18 percent RTP. Given that this is an online slot, the payback rate is good and it means that for every $100 invested in the game, $95.18 will be paid. Although the RTP is calculated over millions of spins, each spin’s outcome is random because the RTP is calculated over millions of spins.

    You can win as much as 2500x of your whole bet when playing this slot, making it quite big and very satisfying. Additionally, a huge number of spins is required to calculate the maximum possible win, often one billion spins.

    There are several new features included in this slot game including scatter symbols, cascading reels, multipliers, spin chances, symbols being removed, symbols changing, wilds, and more. This is usually where the big money is won in free spins bonuses. See it here


    Africa X Up Max

    There are five reels and 243 pay lines in the layout of this casino game. The themes include African, Animals, Savanna, Wildlife, among others.

    This game has an RTP of about 96.4% which is good considering it is an average for online slots. Based on this logic, for every $100 a player puts into the game, they will expect to win $96.37 in return. Nevertheless, the RTP is calculated based on millions of spins, so the outcome is always random.

    With about a 30000x payout, you have a good chance of winning a very large jackpot. One billion spins are usually the requirement in order to calculate the maximum possible win. Several more features are also available in this slot, including an Expanding Wilds Feature. Usually, the biggest wins are made in the free spins bonus of the game.



    Pyramyth Slot

    The game consists of five reels and fifteen pay lines. To win, at least three symbols must match on the first reel of a payline.

    It comes with a futuristic version of Ancient Egypt appearing in the background and massive statues of Horus dominate the skyline. They seem like they have some sort of device on top of their heads.

    In addition, a small white pyramid is located along the edge of the water on the city’s lower level. This pyramid looks very modern and so are the statues. Free causes a sunset effect while the Horus statues and pyramids produce glowing energy during the bonus.

    A unique perspective on Egypt has been provided by the game, and unlike other slots about Cleopatra, Horus, or Anubis, Pyramyth isn’t your average title.

    Some of the low-paying symbols include futuristic-like royals from A to 9. In the middle of the scene are eagles, crocodiles, and jaguars.

    The queen represents the biggest paying symbol, offering more than 70 times your bet for five symbols. The additional features to the mix can result in wins of up to 10,000 times the investment.

    Wild symbols or scarab can be substituted for regular symbols to form winning combinations. While playing the wild, additional roles are available to you.

    Each spin can be wagered between $0.10 and $100. The betting range offers jackpots ranging from $1,000 to $1,000,000.Approximately 96 % of Pyramyth’s revenue is generated from the game’s RTP. Several features and a large payout limit put the volatility in the high range. See it over here.


    Sparky 7 Max 

    Sparky 7 has an RTP of 96%. Compared to average online slots, this is a good payback ratio. Based on this RTP, a player would expect to receive $96 for every $100 staked. Although the RTP is calculated over millions of spins, each spin’s outcome is random because the RTP is calculated over millions of spins.

    In this casino game, there is a maximum of 5 pay lines. There are also 3 reels and 5 pay lines. This game features themed games such as Classics, Bars, and Sevens.

    Wild symbols, Multipliers, Win Multipliers, and Transferring Symbols are a few of the features this video slot offers. This game usually has a free spins bonus that gives you the opportunity to win big.

    Now, with these amazing new releases, come themes, jackpot, and cool style for every slot player out there. Don’t forget to play responsible.


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