There’s far more to gambling apps than simply placing bets

    The gambling industry has changed almost beyond all recognition in recent years. More bets are placed using apps on Android and iOS smartphones than on websites or land-based casinos. There seems to be no going back now. The future of betting is on your mobile when you are always just a touch of your screen away from a casino play or sportsbook gamble.

    When looking to place bets on your favourite casino games, you must do so with a bookie that has your best interests at heart. Most online gambling firms have mobile apps, but some are much better than others, as any experienced player will tell you. Your aim should be to bet with the best app available to you.

    Finding the standout offer is no mean feat as there is a lot of ground to cover. You’re after one that offers a great welcome bonus free bet, generous return to player stats and free entry to the biggest competitions. But the elite bookies go further. They offer advice on how to play Texas holdem poker, tutorials on baccarat and free play on the newest slot games allowing you to practice and familiarise yourself with the rules before risking your stake.

    Online betting has changed, and there’s a lot more to gambling apps than simply placing bets. They strive to make you a better, happier member to ensure you keep coming back for more and re-visiting the site. This article details some of the unique features of the best betting apps that our team thinks you should be aware of before placing your next bet.

    Why do betting apps give advice?

    Have you ever read anything quite as weird as an online casino giving its members advice on how to win and make a profit? It does seem a little backwards, but when digging a bit deeper, it makes perfect sense. You see, the better the poker player you are, the more you’ll play, the more high-stakes tournaments you’ll enter and the more you’ll stake.

    For a poker app to be successful, they want as many big players signed up and betting as often as possible. Many poker sites make their profits by taking a percentage of your entrance fee into competitions or a share of any winnings you make. When it’s bettor versus bettor, instead of bettor taking on the house, this is the easiest way to track the players, stakes and winnings. It’s also the best way to make a profit.

    If you are a good player the chances are you’ll win more and, therefore, the app will make a greater profit. Unlike sports betting, the house doesn’t benefit from your losers. It actually rakes in the cash on your winning plays. You now see when they want you to be the best poker player you can be. This is common practice in the industry, and it’s a deal that works well for both bookie and bettor. You win big, and you won’t mind the site taking a larger slice of your profits.

    How do betting apps give advice?

    Now that we know the reasons why poker sites give their members helpful advice on how to make a profit, we’ll now explain how they do it. Visit any respected poker, casino or sportsbook, and you’ll find a blog section. This is often crammed with previews, how to style articles, promotions and interviews from industry experts. Everything on the blog site is geared to improving your understanding of betting.

    Another regular feature that could help improve your betting is the tutorial videos. These can be viewed on your Android or iOS smartphone as well as your desktop computer. They are quick but useful videos that get right to the point and explain the best practices on poker, as well as hints and tips to help make you a winner. There’s no tricks or stunts here. Making you a better player, in turn, makes the bookie a greater profit. It’s a win-win.

    Give it a try today. Create an account with a poker or casino site offering blogs and tutorial videos, then begin your crash course on beating the bookies presented by the bookies. That does take a bit of getting used to.



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