The Top 5 Sporting Events that you should be betting on

    Many self-proclaimed wizards of the betting industry are the ones who stick to betting on a couple of sports or some just wager their money on their favourite team. Well that’s like eating the same ice cream every day of the week and it would imply that you are missing all the flavours that could change your fate. This is a practice that I wouldn’t be recommending to you. The reason is simple that the betting is a game of chances. Even in the people who are experts in some sports aren’t guaranteed the best results. When even the coaches of the game can’t predict the results than why should you be putting so much emphasis on just one sport.

    There are simply huge opportunities to people who aren’t experts on any sport or some just know multiple sports. In the article below I have gathered some details of some really exciting sporting events that you should be paying attention to.

    NFL Playoffs

    There is never too much for American football. Yes, they call it football and for the British its just Rugby. However, I am not putting you out for the debate for the name of the game. Let’s just focus on the game for now. In USA the NFL playoffs kick off after 17 long weeks of regular season action. It is a world wide event which has really high stakes of money involved in it. When the money in the sports is huge there is a high chance that it will offer some great betting bonuses and coupons. Well no team is a sure in the playoffs but one thing is sure that you can bet on any team out there and present yourself a really good opportunity to earn some real good money. If you want to start sports betting with some extra benefits through promotional or bonus coupons do sign up with Bethard.

    The Horse Racing

    Betting on horse racing is as old as the sport itself. The sport is really famous for offline betting industry. However, now the era of online betting has taken it to the next level. The betting on the racing is a bit part intuition, some research and some pyre statistics. Initially it sounds scary but slowly it becomes easier and simpler. Read the racing forums, follow your favourite horse and some more digging will set you on a really good course to get some good money.

    The March Madness

    Well the basketball lovers are never ignored by the betting world. If you prefer the court to the field than this is the biggest of the events that should be in your betting list. It is a single elimination tournament and is really popular, not just in the America but all around the globe. The three weeks of march madness with 67 games is simply a betting paradise that you shouldn’t miss.

    The Tennis Grand Slam Tournaments

    These are also known by the name Majors and are four most important yearly events in the tennis. In other words, they are the biggest and the richest tournaments that tennis has to offer. The are followed all around the globe and the tennis majors are getting high on the betting industry as well. The betting on the tennis is getting popular with time and is highly recommended for the sports enthusiast.


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