The specialty of Ferrari cars

    Gamers who love racing games will be familiar with the Ferrari. Every vehicle lover is probably aware that the Ferrari iconic yellow symbol depicts a rearing stallion, and the car’s classic color is red. However, not everyone is aware of how this particular company came to be and the path it followed to achieve its current size.

    The fast Ferrari-125 GT was the company’s first invention to roll off the assembly line. Then came the 125S, 159S, and 166 models. These vehicles all featured 12-cylinder engines. All cylinder heads in these engines were served by a single upper distributor. This design was a distinguishing element of the Ferrari automobile, and which paved the way of success of the company throughout its course of existence. What is more, now these cars are branded luxurious sports automobiles, remaining one of the most desirable vehicles offered by each honorable rental company. If you love the fast ride, FerrariRent shall undoubtedly be your choice for the trip around a town, and it is not a problem to have this rental car, since anybody with an active driving license is able to fulfill this exotic car rental.

    It should be mentioned that Ferrari cars made their racing debuts without success. Enzo, the director of the company, on the other hand, was not going to stop there and decided to carry on with his ideas. And he developed another automobile, the Ferrari-125. This model served as the prototype for the inaugural Formula 1 racing car.

    Racing car engines become increasingly powerful over time. At the same time, their level of coercion grew. However, only the final model produced by Ferrari during that time period was capable of competing significantly with Alfa Romeo’s innovations. This car was used by the Argentine driver Froilan Gonzalez to win the Silverstone race in June 1951.

    Some time later the company began making racing vehicles with the engine in the back. Engines near the front of the structure were used in the production of high-end sports automobiles. The “365 GTB/4” was distinguished by unique features such as a volume of 4390 cm3, four camshafts, and a 12-cylinder engine. It was regarded a Ferrari company classic and one of the most powerful cars in the 1970s, with a top speed of 280 km/h. The 308 GTB and 308 GTS automobiles were then developed, with the engines situated in the centre of the structure. The Ferrari 400 GT was the last automobile with a V-12 engine.

    Initially, Enzo Ferrari intended to develop a racing car and then build a mass-produced sports car around it. However, it turned out that they made the “Dino-1665” (sports car) with a 1.6-liter engine first, and subsequently the “Dino-2065” with a two-liter engine on its base. “Dino” was an independent business for a while. Then, for mass sales, automobiles like the Dino-246 GT/GTS and the Dino-206 GT were released. The Dino 308 GT4 was one of the brand’s final models, debuted in 1973. It was then used as the foundation for the new Ferrari series.

    Modern time Ferrari cars

    Ferrari has also manufactured less priced vehicles in recent years. In the 1980s, for example, a four-seater Mondial debuted on the market. It was available in two body styles (cabriolet and coupé). The 348 B and 348 TS versions were introduced in 1989. These automobiles served as the foundation for the F355 series, which was introduced in 1994. Ferrari also built extremely comfortable four-seater premium class coupes.

    The company’s pride and joy are extremely pricey high-speed sports automobiles. In terms of design, they are extremely similar to Formula 1 racing designs. This mostly refers to the F40 model, which began production in small numbers in 1987.

    In 2002, the Italian concern began to produce a model called Ferrari Enzo. The most powerful serial supercar in the European space. It was created and named in honor of the brilliant designer and creator of the company to remind about the role of the leading design school “Ferrari” in the development of racing. This two-seater sports car has a 12-cylinder engine (volume — 6, power — 650). In 3.5 seconds, it can accelerate up to 100 km/h and develop over 350 km/h.

    However, accounting the product line of Ferrari brand, it would definitely be out of competition with all-roads vehicles, which are not produced for speedy ride, but for super easy vehicle flotation and comforts of the drive.


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