The best Dota 2 teams to bet on in 2020

2020 has been an extraordinary year. Many things happened around the world, however, the one that stood out was COVID-19. Even though the Dota 2 fans didn’t expect this to have an effect on their favorite game, this was not the case.

The professional scene during the pandemic

Similar to almost everything out there, Dota 2’s professional scene was completely changed in the last couple of months. Instead of watching some of the biggest LAN events in the world, every single tournament is now being held online. On top of that, Valve decided to suspend the Dota 2 Pro Circuit and even postpone The International 10.

Needless to say, this all had a dramatic effect on the professional Dota 2 scene. Some of the teams have risen to the top, whereas others had to disband because they were from different regions, which didn’t allow them to take part in online events.

How to choose the best Dota 2 team to bet on?

After a few months of online events, we finally have a good idea of most Dota 2 teams’ current standing. Some of them have won a few competitions, whereas others played well in all of them, despite not winning anything.

Choosing a team to bet on is not an easy thing to do because there are many things that you need to take into account. Apart from the undeniable fact that you need to check the team’s recent performance, you also have to make sure that there aren’t any problems with the current roster.

For example, one of the most dominant teams recently is Team Secret. Puppey and his team-mates have been nearly flawless, which is why they are often the go-to options for many bettors.

I did my research, what now?

Once you’re done exploring all of the top Dota 2 teams right now, you should spend some time finding the right bookmaker. Even though this is easier said than done, there are many ways in which you can check the top bookmakers for eSports, especially nowadays.

Pretty much all of the top bookmakers will have Dota 2 as an option, even if they are not exclusively focused on eSports. As a result, there are a few other things that you need to take into account.

The first one is the events that are covered. Although you might think that all sites are the same, some of them only tend to cover the big tournaments, whereas others focus on everything.

Another thing that you should definitely check out is the available markets. You can often find bookies that seem really lucrative but they just have one or two available markets. Needless to say, this is something that you should stay away from.

Last but definitely not least, you need to keep an eye on the odds. Whenever you choose a given brand, make sure you compare its odds before you start punting. Although it might take some time, it is worth it.

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