Sports Betting: Looking at Some of The Global Leaders

    The betting in sports is been a revolution and with the digital revolution in full swing and the ease of Government regulations online gaming and sports betting industry is undergoing dynamic transformations. Over the last few years and it has been surging in popularity around the World. The revenues of many World leading betting industries are also growing at a speed that nobody was expecting. As the industry grows, they are also expected to achieve higher revenues. With high revenues they tend to spend more on advertising and marketing, this creates huge opportunities for new players to come in. Here are some of the established ones.

    Global Gaming and Sports betting industries of various Countries:

    888 Holdings:

    When it comes to the global leaders, this gaming house is on a league of its own. It one of the most popular online gaming operators, which operates 888 sports, casino, poker and bingo brands. It offers a large variety in betting methods and games, which makes it an interesting prospect for the gamers. It has made itself big by partnering with the US based companies.

    GVC Holdings:

    This house has made itself a technological giant in the field of online gaming. With its wide variety of unique technology platform, it offers casino, poker, bingo and sports betting under some of the industry’s most popular online betting brands including Partypoker Casinoclub, Bwin and Sportingbet. These houses are all established and doing really great in terms of revenues. Even though GVC holdings is a big leader but online casino industry is one of the fast growing industry worldwide because it is updating day by day with new portals and technology. Genting casino promo code 2019 is the best thing to grab this year.

    Kindered Group: The Company is regarded as one of the World’s leading online gambling brands within the games betting arena. They offer customers a great online gambling experience. It has a unique digital customer service for self-service generation. All its major revenue comes from casino games and online sports betting.

    Paddy Power Betfair: Originated in February 2016, it is an international, multi-channel sports betting and gaming operator.  the business has 4 divisions today: Online Australia, Irish Retail, UK Retail and Telephone segments. It provides gaming and sports betting services through various websites. They own famous brands like Betfair, FanDuel, Sportsbet and TVG.

    William Hill: One of the largest gaming and sports betting industry in the UK and the US. William Hill US is already the leading sports betting company in the US, operating more than 108 race and sports books in Nevada along with the state’s top mobile sports betting app. It is also providing the risk management services to various casinos in Mississippi and West Virginia.

    Bet365: This British Online gambling and sports betting company serves more than 23 million customers across the world. They are a huge brand in Britain. Offering various games like poker, casino, bingo and sports betting. They also host live streaming of sporting events.

    Stars Group: One of the most licensed online gaming operators with its subsidiaries holding approvals and licenses in various jurisdictions across the World, including America, Australia and Europe. Star Group brands have millions of customers globally and are leading in online betting, casino, poker and other gaming related offerings.

    Betsson: Award- winning sports betting website that has been around since 2006 and literally grew into a gambling empire. Betsson is based in Malta and holds the betting license of the same country and as well as one from United Kingdom.

    Why so popular?

    In the past decade the World of online sports betting has expanded massively. The main reason for the popularity is huge technological advancements. As the technology improves, connectivity and accessibility improve. Another huge contributing factor is that people are now able to place a wager on more or less anything.

    Impact of betting around the world:

    There are countries where online gaming and sports and betting are legal and there are countries as well where it is illegal. Some countries where it is legal are Australia, Ghana, Mexico, Nigeria, Philippines, South Africa, United Kingdom etc. In some countries like Brazil, Argentina (Only for horse racing is allowed) it is banned. In India, Only one state, Sikkim has a regulatory law on online gaming. Very few positive obvious effects have been reported in some countries including raising the revenue. Potential for addiction, illegal handling of sporting events, corruption, loss of revenue of country are some of the collective negative impacts of online gaming and sports betting.


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