Smart Horse Racing Tips

    If one plans on winning at betting on horses in Australia, the requirements are easy but many. One has to make use of smart moves and horse racing tips to win. At the end of the day, the difference between the winner and loser depends on who makes the best guess. One is essentially competing with other betters to win.

    Here are pro horse racing tips that will help ensure a better chance at success in horse betting:

    1.     Do the Homework:

    Research is the foundational basis of all success. Horse racing especially is a field that rewards knowledge. Doing this research means one has to have proper channels and access to the appropriate tools. One has to study the following

    • Study the horses, their breeds, and their condition
    • Study the Jockeys
    • Study all factors in a horse racing circuit
    • Be familiar with PP’s- Past Performances
    • Watch numerous races (on any online racebook)
    • Listen to knowledgeable handicappers, but one should do their own study as well

    One can make an informed choice that brings results only if all these steps are followed.


    The only time one should bet on a horse is when they have a valid option in place. If there is any discomfort regarding what the outcome of a race might be, skip that race. Action betting, which is betting just to bet, is not a successful path to take. But regular betters have some money reserved just for this so that they do not get bored. If that is the case, keep a limit on action-betting. But generally, it is always best to bet when one is sure.


              Although it may seem risky, it is the most rewarding. Gain enough skills and confidence by making show bets and place bets. But one should avoid them as one becomes adept at betting and focus on win bets. Many avoid win-bets because of their amateur handicapping skills. Lacking confidence while placing bets is not ideal in the wrong run. Place win bets with confidence after doing the homework.

    4. Avoid ALL while placing exotic bets.

    Especially in the case of exotic bets, avoid choosing the ALL button. If one does not have a strong opinion in a race, it is better to avoid that and go for some other race. Choosing the ALL option may get a few wins, but the sum of the gains will still be lower than the cost of placing the best most times. If one does not have an opinion, it is better to bet on the horse one would like to see win.

    5. Bet at 3-1 or more:

    The secret to winning at horse betting is to demand a desired price whenever there is a wager. The price is the odds one gets while placing a bet on a horse. So bet when the odds are three against one or more. This way, one has to win only one of these three bets to break even.

    Even the best handicappers do not win all the time. They know when to bet and only do so when the odds are adequately favourable. One should be familiar with the odds before making a wager.


    Sometimes the results may not be what one expects. It is part of the betting process. One should be able to shake them off and not let them affect one’s perspective. Maybe taking a break can help take one’s mind off it. Do what is necessary to get over the results, refocus, and go back into the game. 

    Betting via an online racebook gives numerous tips and betting opportunities.


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