Professional gambling – how does it work?

    The idea of earning your living from gambling sounds like a dream. Especially when you consider the amount it is possible to win in games. You don’t have to be a master at judging poker faces or counting cards. There are lots of different ways to make money from gambling. If you are serious about making an income from gambling, it’s a good idea to try out different games, build up your knowledge and see what works for you. Here are some of the things you should know about making money from gambling before you decide to go pro. 

    Matched Bettor

    This is an easy and fairly risk-free way to earn money from gambling. You may not win your fortune but you will receive payouts. This technique makes the most of betting offers. When a betting site advertises freebies, you can bet using that credit and withdraw any profits you make. Online gambling is highly competitive so lots of websites have different offers that you can take advantage of. You don’t even have to risk making any losses yourself. If you are looking for a betting site with good deals, try this website

    This is a great place to start on your pro gambler journey. There are subscriptions and communities you can join to help you find matched betting offers. The amount you can make off matched betting is limited, especially as you are only working with free credit. This isn’t a long term plan but the first step in understanding how to make an income from betting. Once you have a better grip on how the industry works and what odds to bet on you can move your pro career forward.


    If you have any specialist knowledge, use it. When making money from betting, having expert knowledge on particular sports or any other activity people bet on will give you a much better chance of success. Some betters value their own knowledge so much that they take on the bookies. This is called value betting. If you can come up with your own odds for games and they are significantly different to what the bookies come up with, you can bet on the difference. Having better knowledge than the bookies can make you a lot of money. There’s no tricky techniques you can use to win big with this way of betting. You simply have to know your stuff. 

    Sports betting

    Working in the stock market has been compared to gambling for good reason. They are both very unpredictable markets but they can both make you a lot of money. There is a way of combining the stock market and sports betting – sports trading. Betting exchanges exist for the purpose of buying and selling bets, just like how investment banks trade stocks. If you use the right strategies, you could be making money before the game you are betting on even begins. Techniques are needed to get this right. It is more risky than the previous two ways of making money from gambling.


    This method is all about making money no matter who wins. Different bookmakers often bet on different outcomes of the same game. Therefore their odds are priced differently. If the difference is significant enough, you can bet on opposite outcomes on separate betting websites and whoever wins you win. If you do this right, it can be very profitable. It is completely unreliant on the outcome of events, instead you need to understand the odds the bookmakers come up with.


    While poker isn’t the only way to make money from gambling, it is the most glamourised. We have all envied the lifestyle of professional poker players presented in films and TV. However, making a living of poker isn’t easy. Poker isn’t an easy game in any circumstance so you need to have the skills to begin with. Also, because the image of professional poker players is so well-known, you will face a lot of competition who are also trying to make money off the famous casino game. Something you may not have thought about yet is the casino commission. These rates mean you need to be significantly better than your competitors to make good money. Professional poker is the hardest to make profit from out of all the methods mentioned. But if you are good enough, the advantages are clear.

    Know your limits

    You can’t decide suddenly one day that you are going to become a professional gambler, quit your job and plan for a move to the caribbean. Making significant sums of money takes time, expertise and obviously some luck. You need to know the industry by betting and gambling recreationally first. Otherwise you won’t have a good understanding of how the games work. You need to plan out your professional journey and set yourself reasonable expectations. Thinking you’re just lucky so it will work out will end with you losing a lot of money.

    Variety of games

    Part of creating reasonable expectations is leaving your mind open to the kind of gambling games you make money from. The glamorous casino lifestyle isn’t necessarily the most attainable or the best way to make money. Consider your options. You may end up winning bets on a sport you hadn’t even thought about making a profit from. The ways we gamble and what we gamble on has a large range. There’s no point in restricting yourself straight away. Any opportunity could be a profitable opportunity.

    Being a professional gambler can mean a lot of things. There are loads of different ways to make money from gambling. Whether you want betting to be your full-time job or you are just looking at making some extra money on the side, researching and trying out different gambling methods could be really worthwhile. Once you know the industry and understand the game, there are profits to be made. Maintaining your expectations and being willing to try new things is definitely a good mindset to have when starting out your professional gambling journey.


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