Online Slots And Gambling Trends For 2018

    The online slots casino and gambling industry continues to see stunning growth each year in all parts of the world. This popular past time attracts many different types of players who all enjoy the possibility of beating the system to make huge gains. New technology is providing a more transparent along with fair playing surface and peer to peer gambling is experiencing a boom in popularity thanks to the community aspect. In the United Kingdom alone it has experienced a 33% growth in revenue from online slots and casinos in 2017 and is on course to smash that record in 2018.

    The Emergence Of Virtual Reality Gaming

    Many movies made in the 1980s and early 1990s predicted that by 2020 we would be living in virtual reality worlds and traveling in flying cars but that is not going to be the case. VR technology has progressed a lot so far in 2018 and now there are virtual reality casinos taking things to the next level. As this technology becomes more accessible along with the prices coming down, it will completely transform gaming. It is not just this form of digital reality that is making waves as augmented reality is closely following behind and even has a chance of becoming the mainstream option.

    The Largest Progressive Jackpots In History

    One of the best things for players of online slots is the size of the jackpots keep on increasing each year. With better chances to become a millionaire by spinning in a progressive pot, it has become very appealing. Many bonuses offer come with free spins attached so you can be in with a chance of winning big by playing video slots online. Due to the world becoming more connected many operators to cover most parts of the world which have enabled the increase in the amount of money contributed towards progressive jackpots.

    Cryptocurrency Gambling On The Rise

    You can now play slots using bitcoin and even on sites that are connected to the blockchain to offer lower house edges and the games provably fair. The graphics of these forms of games are not up to the standard of traditional online casinos but because they are providing a way for players to earn crypto along with odds more in their favor, many are making the switch.


    It is going to be the strongest year on record for the gambling industry and thanks to new innovation along with big rewards on offer; it will continue to expand over the foreseeable future. Slot machines are always going to be an important part of the gambling experience for many and now with provably fair technology, it means players have a genuine chance of winning a progressive jackpot to change their lives. By the year 2020 VR along with AR technology should have progressed far enough to start seeing the next generation of gambling platforms. It will help take things to the next level and you will not need to leave your home to have what feels like a true casino experience gambling on the floors of the world best casinos.


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