Online Gambling Myths – Common Facts And Delusional Fiction

    Everyone has second thoughts about online gambling. Whether you represent a team of highly experienced players or you are simply a newcomer to this all, no wonder why you might fall for some credibly sounding misconceptions especially when the industry is being constantly surrounded by negative. Though, while it’s actually difficult to understand overwhelming hate towards virtual casinos on behalf of players, it’s a quite clear situation with the market on the whole – loads of web resources continue claiming from all angles that gambling destroys lives, but the most incredible aspect about this antipathy mission is that anti-casino advents use elements of fallacy to persuade trusting audience. Even more surprising is the fact of total believing without reality check, so legitimacy of venues is considerably damaged, and delusions become God’s honest truth.

    For some reason, some of myths are applicable to actuality due to a large number of rouges running a business in dishonest patterns – undeniably, unfavorable reviews brainwash gamblers’ minds and they start being convinced that playing at a casino isn’t more than mere waste of time. It’s not that this type of opinions has no application to the real conditions, but speaking of truly good online venues, damaging propaganda hides the truth about gambling, and fiction substitutes facts. That’s why you should definitely read through the following list of common ‘false impressions’ to remove doubts. Even if you are not going to join casino customers, knowing about separating wrong from right could be useful not to be a delusional person taking other views for granted. On the other side, people shouldn’t miss out simply because of being filled with untrue ideas. So, let’s get the revealing show on the road.

    Winning is impossible

    Myth. Casino games throw a few bits and pieces to keep gamblers going whereas winning something really valuable is just impossible. This is the Net, Alice, you cannot possible touch the machine with your hands, and no one knows which program compounds are embedded in slots or roulettes. One thing for sure, casino won’t allow you to win big time because all machines are fixed in some ways, so that the only benefiting party there would be the casino.

    Reality. Have you heard of RNGs? No? Then, congratulations, you buy into a blatant lie. Casinos are always interested in your coming back. To put it another way, it’s just inconvenient to make betters constantly lose money because in that case no one would possibly return to join the ranks again – negative reviews, harmed reputation, no income, no anything. Of course, rouges most likely might steal from players, yet it’s an easy job to spot a crooked operator. Basically, RNGs generate numbers for a casino to already take advantage of the, so-called, house edge which is a percent share of players’ bets to be taken. So, things are pretty balanced: some gamblers fail, others benefit. It depends on your Lady Luck as in the real life. Anyway, casinos are always ahead, but it doesn’t mean they do not give anything.

    Casinos never pay, and if so, it takes forever

    Myth. Some casinos do not pay at all, some will refuse to pay a winner of a substantial sum. Maybe, a certain number of venues might actually make it to withdrawals and send rewarding, but really large prize is out of question – nobody is interested in a million-like giveaway.

    Reality. Flat out wrong. Yet, that depends. In case you pay no proper attention to where you actually play, then running into trouble could be your personal case. Of course, there are tons of rouges out there. It’s meant real rouges which are set up by ruthless crooks having no principles and, by the way, using stolen software. Again, casinos always benefit because there will always be people who lose. Trustworthy places worry about reputation, and unprecedented winnings are a decent advertising campaign for a venue, so there’s no solid reason for a good casino not to pay. Remember that any casino wants you back. So, if you choose to work with a reputable gambling company, no one will rip you off to the mat. And don’t forget to look through reviews first to come across a fine site. For example, do your own research here:

    You can easily end up addicted

    Myth. Barely anyone who gets into gambling will be automatically an addict with no sense of reality. Casino games are designed purposely attractive, so that players become hooked to the machine. Starting gambling equals committing suicide because there will be no coming back from addiction. It’s like a virtual form of heroin.

    Reality. Pure nonsense. To begin with, serious casinos have serious concerns about addiction in general. Venues practice self-exclusions on demand and follow strict policies when a gambler feels like a game devours too much space and time. There are even organisations like Gamblers Anonymous helping people overcome issues. So, you are not alone with a machine at all. Besides, there are plenty of proofs that people can exercise self-control without having problems to end a session on time.  Nevertheless, if you are prone to addiction (well, games can really be excessively luring, no doubt), ask your operator to permanently exclude you from the player list and never return to gambling.


    It goes without saying that there are far more different myths around gambling segment: scamming bonuses, insecure banking environment, illegality of betting and so on. The thing you should realize about casinos is that there will always be those who spat negative all over gambling despite the reality working otherwise. If you are really into an idea of paying online, but delusional vibes put you off trying, then form your own opinion on the subject. And the best way to find out the whole truth about online casinos is to actually become a customer.


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