Online Casinos Are Gaining Popularity Quickly

    We, as a society, live in an increasingly digital age, with new devices being released frequently. The rise in tablets, laptops, and mobile phones has meant that different industries have had to adapt the way they think and focus their business to keep up with these changes. Online casinos have emerged through these changes in digital technology, and they have become very popular quite quickly, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. According to The Gambling Commission betting in online casinos, specifically slot machines, increased by 25% in the pandemic alone. 

    The pandemic has meant that many televised events that people would usually bet on, such as football, basketball, rugby, and horse racing have been cancelled, leaving people to turn to slot machines and table games online to try and pass the time, especially those who have been furloughed. A lot more people have succumbed to gambling addictions during lockdown and it was estimated that gamblers in the UK overall have lost a staggering £228 million in July 2020, a £45 million increase from the same month in 2019. There are many helplines available to assist you if you have obtained a gambling addiction. 

    That’s not to say that online casinos are all bad. Whilst there may be some problems with betting that is as easily accessible as this, there are certainly a lot of benefits too, for example, the number of games that are available. In normal casinos, there are a limited amount of options but in online casinos, there are numerous different games available to play whenever you want. For example, this

    Zodiac Casino is an online casino that offers over 647 casino games in one place. It has been around since 2002 and is compatible with mobile phones. If the sheer amount of games available was not enough to entice you to join, they also offer a welcome bonus of €100 that you can use to get you started on the wide variety of table and slot games that they offer. In addition to this, they also accept many different payment methods, including:

    •  MasterCard 
    • Neteller
    • EcoPayz
    • Paysafe Card
    • GiroPay
    • iDebit
    • Instadebit
    • Maestro 
    • UPayCard
    • Visa
    • Neosurf
    • Paysafe
    • CardSkrill

    All of this combined means that Zodiac Casino allows you to participate in betting on this online casino in a way that is best and most convenient for you. 

    Other benefits of online casinos include:

    • Bonuses- Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to actually go to a casino to take advantage of bonuses. Like Zodiac Casino, there are loads of online casinos out there that offer welcome bonuses and promotions, like free games, free spins, match deposits, and much more. 
    • User Friendly– Some people might be slightly put off from online casinos, convinced that they are too high tech for them to handle. However, the reality is that most of them are quite user friendly. They tend to be relatively easy to navigate, with 24/7 live support if needed, it is easy to create an account and they make sure you can make withdrawals and deposits with ease.
    • Safe and Secure- For the most part, online casinos are a safe place to invest your money into. Whilst there may be some that aren’t so safe, there are a lot that are safe so as long as you stick with the most reputable and the high-ranking ones then you should be fine.
    • Convenience and compatibility- This is a big benefit for a lot of people. During the pandemic, because people haven’t been able to get to casinos, online casinos have provided an easy option of betting for a lot of people. In addition to this, if there wasn’t a pandemic, it would provide particularly busy people an opportunity to partake in betting at a time that is most convenient for them. As for compatibility, online casinos are not typically limited to people who own a certain type of device. Most online casinos are available on computers, laptops, and different types of mobile phones, as well as tablets and iPads. 

    Online casinos may be popular now in lockdown, especially for those furloughed and unable to do much else, but what happens when everything goes back to normal? Will people still stick with online casinos they have trusted during the pandemic, or will they want to venture to actual casino venues? After the length of time that people have had to spend at home during Covid-19, we can guess that a lot more people will move to outside venues again for a lot of things, including casinos, for a while. Though despite this, online casinos pose so many benefits that they won’t always be overshadowed by actual casino venues, and they should return to popularity in the future. 


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