Nightmare of Each Slots Player – Unlucky Scatters Combo

    Many players often encounter situations when two scatter symbols appear on the first two reels of a slot machine. You are hoping that the bonus round is about to come. But this rarely happens. After several Spins, a combination of two scatter symbols appears again, but the third reel does not contain the desired picture. This can go on endlessly. What does this situation mean? What conclusion can be drawn when the free slots no download repeats the data of the spin many times? Is it possible to find out after what period of time the bonus game is activated? You will find answers to all these questions in our article below. But before we start, we need to settle things down.

    • Please note that we are talking only about those online slots in which the bonus game is triggered when three Scatter symbols appear. The best slot machines among such are Piggy Riches and Secret of the Stones.
    • Scatter symbols can give out a bonus only when 3 pictures appear on the first three reels.
    • There are exceptions. Free slot machines with no download, in which you need to get a prize combination several times in a row to activate the bonus (or require only 1 Scatter), do not take part in our study.

    Facts about the two Scatter symbols – test them in the free no download mode before playing for money

    Let’s start looking at the facts concerning the appearance of two Scatter symbols in the slot. For example, in the Secret of the Stones free slot machine, when Scatters regularly appear on the first two reels, it means that a new cycle is in effect now. The slot tries to attract gamblers as much as possible and keep them in the game in order to increase the prize total pool. In this case, we can talk about the expectation of a win that has not been drawn for a long time. By the way, the more empty Spins with two scatters you have, the higher the player’s confidence should be about the imminent onset of the bonus. Similar results have appeared in other online slots at online casinos. Our experts have determined that two Scatters appear on the playing field approximately every 10-30 spins.

    The appearance of Scatter symbols and the psychological factor

    Casino software is programmed in such a way that the appearance of two scatter symbols on the first reels is a symbolic, some kind of a “red rag” for the player. Such situations are more addictive and lure the client even more. After all, a gambler begins to think that a bonus round will fall out in the very near future. By the way, slots in which the rotation of the third reel slows down make a special impression on the mind of gambler. This trick lures player even more.

    Bet increase and bonus round

    Many players say that with a sharp increase in the bet rate, the cycle ends and a new one begins. This means that if you sharply increase the bet size several times, while leaving the coin denomination unchanged, you can impact on the bonus drop. There is some truth in this theory. The slot can issue three Scatters and activate a bonus round when the size of the bet increases sharply. Keep in mind that the more often you use this strategy, the less often it will work. Please note that your statistics can be transferred to any other online casino. So, this trick won’t last for a long time.

    Summing up

    The slot machine issues a bonus regardless of previous spins. A combination of three symbols drops out randomly and it is impossible to predict its appearance. And the drop of two Scatter symbols does not mean anything.

    When a combination of two Scatter symbols appears often during first 10-30 spins, it is better to choose another slot machine or change the size of the bet.

    If you want to be convinced of the information received, start any slot in free mode with no download and make sure that our words are correct.


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