Introducing The Multilotto Google Play App

    As life gets more and more dynamic, we’re all counting on apps to make the search for information faster and more convenient. People who play lotto will fall in love with the new Multilotto Google Play App, which is a fun and easy way to check your lotto results on the go. This FREE app is available for download for all Android phones.

    Marketed as ‘the ultimate mobile application for finding out if you have won the jackpot on any of the most popular world lotteries’, the Multilotto Google Play App displays the latest results for a plethora of lotteries from around the globe. The interface is user-friendly and simple, already available in several different languages. The developers have promised to continue expanding the language pack to add even more in the very near future. There is also an option to display results in various currencies, which means you can customise the app to suit your requirements.

    Players don’t have to scroll through endless lotto results to find the ones they’re searching for. The Multilotto Google Play App is built around functionality and can only display the results for the lottos you play and track – for example, if you only play the SuperEnalotto and Euromillions, you can select to just see those results. At any point of starting to play a new lottery, like the Powerball, you can adjust your settings to include this. Similarly, if you decide to stop playing a particular lottery at any given time, again, just re-adjust your settings – it’s fast, easy and convenient.

    In addition to the most recent lotto results, the Multilotto Google Play App comes in handy to check the details of the previous four draws. This includes draw information, number of prize winners and prize values for each draw. There is also a full archive of all results for each individual lottery from the first draw to the current day. Users can access and view those results on the app shortly after the lottery draws have taken place, making it one of the most up to date mobile systems for online gambling available.

    One of the more functional features of the Multilotto Google Play App allows users to generate numbers for each draw if they don’t want to pick them themselves. This is accompanied by a random sound effect to confirm the selection and there is automatic verification through the handy ticket checker to compare the chosen numbers against the last 180 days’ worth of draws.

    These are, by far, not all the features of the new Multilotto Goggle Play App. Designed to be functional and user-friendly, it is packed full of unique options to offer ultimate flexibility. Gaining popularity as the go-to app for lottery players all around the world, it is fully customizable to suit all preferences and needs, wherever in the world you are.


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