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The Pyramid – A Newly Found Pyramid Haunts A Team Of Archaeologists

The Pyramid was released in December 2014, and ‘stars’ Ashley Hinshaw, Denis O’Hare, James Buckley and Christa Nicola; it was directed by Gregory Levasseur. The movie was Levasseur’s first venture into directing, having previously been better known for writing the screenplays for movies such as The Hills Have Eyes, Mirrors and Maniac.   It was written by Daniel Meersand and Nick…

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Spectre – An Action-Packed Uncovering of a Sinister Organisation

He’s the fictional British agent that everybody knows about, delivering the famous phrase; the name is Bond, James Bond. The first film, Dr. No, released back in 1962, and was the birth of the series. Connecting action, story, drama and music all together, there is arguably no better film series for fans of the spy genre. With that said, let’s…

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Video Games Meet the Cinema

Through the years, Hollywood has been trying to reach out to gaming community. Although in the past they have not succeeded too well when converting video games into movies, most of the time they had been flops. Recently this past summer Warcraft was released and came out with mixed reviews from the gaming community and with the release of Assassin’s…

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