Milka Mitrovic From AskGamblers Introduces Us To The 5 Best-Reviewed Casino Games

    With nearly every online casino hosting hundreds of slots, card games, dice games, table games, lottery games, and so on, we know how hard it can be to actually sit down and pick one.

    Think about it, how many times have you had five minutes to play a game or two, only to play a game that you’ve already played for around two years now? Online casinos in 2023 ask you to be adventurous, but for those of us who are stuck in our own ways, it can be hard to know where to begin.

    That’s why we’ve gone to the local expert Milka, an experienced UK iGaming writer, who should know everything there is about the games of online casinos and which ones you should give a try. We got the opportunity to have a chat yesterday, and we think you’ll find our conversation very enlightening:

    Milka Mitrovic’s Expert Advice

    So, Milka, What Are The Best Casino Games To Play In 2023?

    Absolutely no idea. Sorry.

    Listen, I may be an expert in the field, but I’m not an expert on the 40 million people who play online casinos in the UK.

    Oh. Okay. Well, This Interview Is Going To Be Quite Short Then. Can’t You Give Us Any Help?

    Oh, alright, seeing as you asked so nicely. As I said, I am a bit of an expert in the iGaming field, so I at least know what people are saying. I can see trends from a mile off, and I know what makes people buzz. So I can round off some of the best-reviewed if you like. The ones that are making waves.

    Yes Please.

    With a little section on what makes them so well received.

    That Would Be Lovely.

    And a cherry on top.

    If You Would.

    Alright. Let’s get into it.

    1. Starburst, RTP 96.9%

    You don’t have to be an expert to know that Starburst is one of the most popular games in the market right now. With an RTP of 96.09%, this is a retro space slot game with one of the best casino soundtracks you’ll hear in 2023. You can also win up to £50,000, and for such a low-volatility game, that’s rather a lot.

    1. Big Bass Bonanza, RTP 96.71%

    According to the news, fishing is more popular than ever. And if you like fishing, then you can’t really get a better casino game than this. This is a game that takes place entirely underwater in a 5×3 adventure with 10 paylines on the table. Best thing about this game for me? The design. Seriously, the cartoony design with bright colours is enough to get anyone’s attention.

    1. Great Rhino, RTP 96.53%

    Great Rhino sees Big Bass Bonanza’s 10 paylines and raises it to 20 paylines. This is one of many reasons that Great Rhino Slot has been so well received in the iGaming world. The others include the low bid to play, the medium volatility, and the free spins feature – once you hit 3 scatters simultaneously, you trigger the feature giving you 10 free spins.

    1. Taco Brothers, RTP 95%

    I love tacos, so I might be slightly biased. But hey, the reviews speak for themselves! This is a slot that is inspired by the traditional Mexican meal. Three brothers are trying to prevent Captain Diaz from stealing their tacos, and it’s up to you to ensure they succeed! Players seem to love the storyline of this slot, as well as the innovation of using betting strategies applied automatically by the machine.

    1. Age Of The Gods, RTP 95.03%

    If you know a lot about online casinos – as I do – then you’ll be perfectly aware of Age Of The Gods, one of the most legendary collections of online casino games ever to grace our screens. With the series offering both high and low-volatility slots, as well as major bonuses, it is one of the best Ancient Greece-themed games that is not a video game. Certainly worth a try, even if you’re not that interested in the Ancient Greece theme. Although, who isn’t interested in Ancient Greece? There are monsters and Gods, for goodness sake!

    The Best Games In 2023

    Thanks for that, Milka, those all seem pretty interesting.

    If the consensus on the internet is anything to go by – and it’s usually pretty spot on – then yes, definitely. I’ve given them all a go, and they didn’t disappoint. But even if they’re not for you, there’s so much more out there to try out, including all the table games and live experiences. Online casinos are great big sandboxes. So go play in them!

    Great! Now where’s my cherry…?


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