Is Video Games Gambling The Next Big Thing Of Gambling Industry?

    The gambling industry always continues to innovate. In the last few years, we have seen taking advantage of mobile technology and produce great growth results.

    ‘Casino operators are consistently looking for new and innovative ways to attract and retain their customers’ told John Pentin, chief editor from a top online casinos comparison website.

    ‘They are pushing the boundaries they need to deliver the best possible experience to their customers while introducing new functions and features to make the games always fresh’.

    Online casinos and generally, gambling companies are continually experiencing new things as this is their only way to face fierce competition. This is why they are some of the first in adopting new technologies and also try new approaches to engage more with their audiences. New games and promotions are consistently launched as the gambling brands are always on the lookout for the next big thing.

    One of the avenues that gambling companies are more and more considering is a move towards skill-based gaming. They are thinking to make video games at the centre of gambling.  Those skill-based video games would deliver a close hybrid between gambling online and video gaming. Instead of rewarding pure luck, they will reward skills.

    Video Game Gambling: What Is It?

    Let’s make a simple example so that we all understand. Take Super Mario for instance. Instead of trying to complete the game to impress your friends, you would be playing to get a high enough score so that you can win some money. This is what is at the core of the video game gambling idea. Players will get rewards for performing well in the game rather than just pushing a video slot button in the hope that it is their lucky day.

    The main issue that this type of approach could face is that it might only attract a niche. If you think what makes slots machine so popular is that regardless if you are a complete newbie or a casino veteran, you have the precisely the same chances of winning. This has made this game very popular.

    When you start introducing the skill element you are giving players a challenge. This is undoubtedly attractive but has the potential to alienate a different type of gambler that just wants to play for pure luck. For this reason, video game gambling will probably coexist with the most traditional form of gambling, but it will not replace them.

    On the other hand, it will surely attract more players to spend more time on video games. With the money on the line to perform well, more and more people will dedicate their times in improving their skills as they want the reward. It won’t be any more just a recreational thing to do. Similarly to what is happening with e-sports and youtubers, it can become a profession.

    Why This Could Be Huge

    Even today at online casinos we have tables that show how well individual players are doing. There are leaderboards full of loyalty points or even slots tournaments. Social media are a great tool to amplify your performance and video gaming will fit perfectly into this environment.

    Gaming elements are already being integrated by online casinos and they already have some very positive effect on engagement. If you take a look at some of the most modern video slots out there, you can see that they all have 3D bonus features that resemble some of the best video games out there. Engagement is driving loyalty, and this ultimately allows the gaming industry to grow even more.

    Video game gambling is, in fact, taking a stage further. A player has minimal interaction with a slot but with video gaming, the player will be right at the heart of the action. With his some skills it will decide if he will win or lose. Engagement will reach a level that casino brands have never had before and in the long term, this should yield a positive impact on gambling companies bottom line.

    After all video game gambling is already starting in some land-based and online casinos and can really be the next big thing for the industry.

    Skill-Based Gaming

    Skill-based gaming has already appeared at Atlantic City from late 2016. In their Danger Arena they have a classic shooter where players are rewarded for their skills. Surely this is too early to say that it is the start of a gambling revolution, but initial feedback from both players and casino brands are positive.

    Players do get an extra level of engagement that could even be amplified further with Virtual Reality equipment.


    Even though we do not see skill-based gambling overtaking traditional casino games, it could be a valuable addition to it. This continues the process started years ago of bridging the gaps between conventional video gaming and online gambling. It will ultimately give gambling companies even more ammunition in their attempt to attract new players and keep them engaged them for longer.


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