Has the Internet Changed the Poker Game and How?

Although the poker game is believed to originate 1,000 ago, the first poker machine was invented by Sitman and Pitt in 1891. Since then, this machine has changed a lot.

In 1901, the draw poker machine was invented by Charles Fey. It was not until 1970 that Dale Electronics invented the first video poker machine.

It was in the 1970s when Si Redd, being rejected by his employer, developed and started manufacturing the first Video Poker game by himself. He changed the lowest possible hand for winning to be a pair of jacks or something better and the video poker instantly took off.

This was a game that we knew existed 10 years ago. But what has changed in the game of poker overall, with the accessibility to the internet to any human being on this Earth? Actually, a lot has changed and we’re about to find out why and how. 

The strategy of table poker evolved

The Internet completely changed the table poker strategy. Many years ago, a very few people dared to write books about poker strategy and were afraid to expose their secrets how they mastered the strategy. Today, we have countless of resources if we want to learn how to play poker and how to be good at it. So many training sites appear daily that offer the invaluable information on how to be a great poker player.

And the best part of all is that this information is free. You can find the best coaches and players live streaming and teaching the great moves online for free. 

The gap between the best and the rest is blurry

Given the availability of information, today, you cannot be 100% sure who’s the best and who’s not. Every poker player knows the basic rules and basic strategy. Playing poker has become tougher because the weaker players improve day by day. They know how to handle themselves, and even if they don’t today, they’ll definitely know tomorrow.

Moreover, the players have become more creative with the ways of handling their hands. New tricks appear with a blink of an eye that you need to keep track on if you want to stay in the game. Some of these, which did not exist in the past is the reverse float and range-change. 

The online poker took off

Online poker has become insanely famous and played throughout the world. Players get the chance to try different rooms, depending on the money they want to spend and the stakes. Players enjoy the bonuses, the promotions and the benefits of being part of an online poker site.  This is just another fact how the internet brought the poker closer to people.

Usually, these sites, besides online poker, are loaded with all sorts of games, including live betting and live casino. You might win on live betting and spend the money on poker. That feature that online poker and casino sites offer is practically a dream come true for players.

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