How to Improve Your Odds Playing Poker

    Poker is a fun, exhilarating game that thousands play professionally and millions play for enjoyment. Honing yourpoker skills starts by understanding the basics of the game and learning as you play. With online poker games highly popular, you can certainly increase your experience quickly while understanding the finer points of the game.

    However, there are still several valuable lessons you will need to learn to help you improve your game. While none of the following tips will make you into a poker master, they can help you to significantly improve your game and understand what strategy to take at the proper time.

    Learn how to Calculate the Odds

    This may be the best secret to successful poker strategy. If you understand the odds of your hand winning the pot, you can then make the best informed decision as to stay or fold. There are a number of easy methods that only require basic math skills to learn. This is how the professionals earn money consistently as they pay the most attention to the odds.

    Play the Hands that Give you the Best Odds

    In poker, the starting hand dictates to a great extent just how well you will do in the hand. Sure, you might draw lucky, but then again the better your opening hand, the greater your chances at winning. So learn to identify the best starting hands to maximize the odds in your favor.

    Be Observant of the other Players

    If you play with the same group of people frequently, observe their habits so you can maximize your chances at winning. The key here is to identify trends or “tells” and know when they occur and when they don’t occur. For example, if you observe that when a player wins a hand he or she bets more quickly, then you have more knowledge as to when to fold your hand or keep. Want to play online?  Try these nektan casino sites.

    Raise with Confidence

    This is especially true if you play with “no-limit”. You should be confident when you raise the pot because you believe you have the best hand on the table. Yes, you may be able to run a bluff once in a while, but for the most part you should only raise if you believe you have the better hand.

    Understand the Importance of the Dealer Button

    If you are playing “after” the Dealer button, then you’ll want to minimize your risk and play conservatively. This is known as the “small blind”. However, if you are playing “before” or “on” the button, then you can maximize the potential of your hand.

    Match the Bluff to the Information at Hand

    Basically, if you are playing Texas Hold ‘em and want to run a bluff, then there should be high cards on the table. Otherwise, the other players just might play the odds that you are bluffing. So be sure that if you run a bluff that it matches the information known to the other players.


    Even the best professionals keep up with the latest trends and information, so you should as well. Being an informed player is being a successful player, so be sure to keep aware of what is happening and pick up a few books along the way to help you stay at the top of your game.


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